Integration of children and pupils with special health needs

3. What is an individual support plan (PAI)?

An individual support plan (PAI) is a document suggested by the school nurse and produced at your request. It is discussed with you and your child's doctor. It contains the information needed to prevent the risk of a crisis, ensure the right actions are taken in an emergency and/or support your child in their day-to-day life. However, their medical diagnosis only appears in the PAI if you give your consent.

The PAI is shared with teaching or other educational staff, along with everyone involved with your child, such as school integration assistants and extracurricular activities coordinators.

The aim of the document is to prevent any complications arising from a health issue, promote quality of life at school and encourage the school and social integration of pupils with a chronic illness or physical disability. It is accompanied by information and in some cases, training for the adults looking after them, and sometimes includes offering information and engaging in discussions with their classmates.

A simplified version of the PAI in the form of a behaviour guide, known as a CAT, may be used in childcare facilities, depending on the circumstances.

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1 July 2024

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