Integration of children and pupils with special health needs

1. Overview

The public school system is committed to every child receiving schooling appropriate to their capabilities and needs. This is particularly relevant if your child suffers from a health problem, a chronic illness or a temporary or permanent physical disability that requires special measures to be taken so that they can pursue their schooling in the best possible conditions. Similar provisions exist for integrating children into childcare facilities (crèches, nurseries, etc.).

If your child suffers from a health problem or physical disability – either temporarily or long term – it is important for you to make contact in the first place with the school nurse, so that the child’s needs can be assessed. The aim is to work with everyone involved so that the child settles in well and can pursue their schooling smoothly.

In some cases, if your child’s state of health needs the support of a third party at the school because of the risk of a crisis (such as an allergic reaction, epileptic fit or other), for frequent care or for assistance if the building needs to be evacuated, the school nurse will suggest creating an individual support plan (PAI).

What is a chronic illness? A chronic illness is a long-term disease that may change over time. Examples include conditions such as diabetes, allergies, food intolerances, epilepsy or asthma but there are many others.

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1 July 2024

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