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2. Housing

Where to look ?
Real estate agents (Régies)
  • "Immobilier" supplement in Tribune de Genève (Tuesdays)
  • "GHI" (Wednesdays)
  • "022" and "Tout l'immobilier" (Mondays)


International civil servants

Employees of international organizations, permanent missions, general consulates, non-governmental organizations (NGO), associations, foundations, or international sport federations can contact:

International Geneva welcome center (CAGI)
route de Ferney 106, 1202 Genève
Tél. 022 546 14 17

Necessary documents to obtain accomodation

Official certificate of residence / Attestation de résidence, to be obtained at Office cantonal de la population et des migrations

Certificate of non-pursuit / Extrait du registre des poursuites, to be obtained at Office des poursuites

Liability insurance / Assurance responsabilité civile - Home-contents insurance / Assurance ménage, to be subscribed with an insurance company.

Pratical issues and relations with neighbours

Gas, electricity, water and heating

Generally, water and heating are included in the rent. Gas and electricity are directly paid by the tenant to:


Waste sorting and recycling

In Switzerland, you must sort your recyclable waste (paper, glass, PET bottles, compostable organic waste, used batteries, aluminium, tin, etc.) from non-recyclable household waste. Your building caretaker (concierge) or real estate agent will indicate where to put your waste (containers inside your building or outside in your neighbourhood). You can contact the "service voirie" of your municipality to dispose of bulky items.

More information about recycling


Television and radio

In Switzerland, you must pay for using television and radio. This tax is mandatory and independent of the possession of radio or television receivers. Each private household pays an annual fee of 365 francs. The billing information is based on the cantonal register of the population.

You must report to SERAFE AG - Organe suisse de perception de la redevance de radio-télévision


Building caretaker (concierge) - Real estate agent (régie)

In case of need, for any breakdown or problem concerning the building, the laundry room, household waste, or other issues, please contact your caretaker or Régie.


Neighbourhood noise

Excessive noise is prohibited in apartment buildings from 9 pm to 7 am.

More information on this web page and by contacting GE-environnement, 022 546 76 00, GE-environnement@etat.ge.ch



In the event of conflict with your caretaker or your neighbours, you can contact :


Tenant's rights

Association Suisse des locataires (ASLOCA) - www.asloca.ch


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20 April 2022

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