How to sort your trash

3. Paper and Glass

Paper and cardboard     Pictogramme papier

  • What to include ?
    All kinds of paper and cardboard: printed paper, newspaper, magazines, envelopes, loose leaf paper, boxes, etc.

  • Warning : Facial tissue, paper napkins, soiled paper and cardboard, self-adhesive sheets, and composite packaging (milk and fruit cartons) must be thrown away with incinerable waste.

  • Collection : Inquire with your municipality.

More information about paper recovery


Glass     Pictogramme verre

  • What to include ?
    All jars, flasks, and bottles.

  • Warning : Window glass and mirrors, as well as porcelain and ceramics of small size and in small quantities should be thrown away with incinerable waste; in large quantities, it must be taken to a cantonal recycling center.

  • Collection: Inquire with your municipality.


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5 October 2023

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