8. Household waste (incinerable garbage)

Certain waste is not recycled and must be eliminated in the regular garbage bin :

  • plastics (with the exception of PET drink bottles),
  • soiled paper and cardboard (food packaging), self-adhesive and plastic-coated papers, paper tissues and napkins,
  • composite packaging and objects (meaning made from several different materials),
  • "classic" incandescent lightbulbs, halogen bulbs,
  • broken dishes and porcelain,
  • vegetable oils (put them in any plastic container, and dispose of them with kitchen garbage, maximum 1 liter per garbage bag),
  • pet litter, vacuum-cleaner-bag contents, cigarette butts,
  • diapers/nappies.


  • Collection : Household garbage collection is provided by municipalities. Some collect house to house, others ask residents to deposit garbage in centralized collection points. Inquire with your municipality.



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