How to sort your trash

7. Other recyclable waste: aluminum and tin, coffee capsules, PET, textiles

Aluminum and tin   Pictogramme Alu Fer-Blanc

Aluminum and tin

  • What to include ? Aluminum cans, tubes, trays, and foil, as well as empty aerosol cans, items in aluminum (pans, strainers, etc.), and tin cans (canned food, animal food, etc.)
  • Collection : Most municipalities have containers for collecting aluminum and tin packaging. Tis packaging can also be left with certain businesses.  

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Coffee capsules   Pictogramme Capsules de café

  • What to include ? Aluminum capsules are collected separately. Special collection containers are available at certain municipal recycling centers and at various specialized shops. Plastic capsules must be thrown away with incinerable waste.

  • Collection : Certain municipalities provide containers for collecting coffee capsules.
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PET   pictogramme PET

  • What to include ? All PET drink bottles, but not other PET packaging, which must be thrown away with incinerable waste (oil bottles, vinegar bottles…).

  • Warning : Milk bottles are not made of PET plastic but PE, and must be thrown in the garbage.

  • Collection : Most municipalities as well as large retailers provide containers for collecting PET bottles.

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Textiles   Pictogramme textiles

  • The collection of textiles benefits various charity organizations serving the poor. Most municipalities provide containers for textile collection. Textiles can also be deposited directly with charities.

  • Which textiles are reused :

    • wearable clothing in good condition only

    • clean clothes
      No damaged clothes

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12 August 2019

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