How to sort your trash

6. Batteries, medicines, paints, and solvents

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Some domestic waste is particularly polluting and cannot be disposed of with ordinary household garbage.

Examples of special waste :

  • Batteries, storage batteries, eco-bulbs, fluorescent tubes, LEDs: All businesses that sell these products are legally required to take them back free of charge.
  • Leftover paint (in liquid, solid, or aerosol form), varnish, oil, paint removers, thinners, glues, pesticides, fertilizers, cleaning products, pest-control poisons, and various chemical products, mineral oils, vehicle batteries: These must be deposited at a cantonal recycling center.
  • Expired or unused medicines (without boxes), mercury thermometers, and x-rays: These are collected free of charge by pharmacies.

More information about the elimination of special waste



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12 August 2019

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