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3. Different types of support

Which support does the Administrative Mediation Office (BMA) offer ?

The BMA is an office where the cantonal ombudsman advises and a aims to resolve conflicts amicably.

Analysis of the request

The treatment of any situation starts with a contact with the BMA.

The ombudsman listens, advises, informs or guides in order to best respond to the request.


You are welcomed in a confidential setting where you can freely explain your situation.

Advice and information

You will find help in finding solutions and understanding procedures.

Guarantees offered to you :
  • the ombudsman acts only with your agreement
  • no action is taken if you do not wish it
  • requests are treated in complete confidentiality
  • the ombudsman is subject to the obligation of professional secrecy
  • the practice of BMA members is based on the key values of its code of ethics (available in French only)
Intermediaries - Shuttle Mediation

Sometimes, it is necessary to contact a member of the administration concerned to better understand the situation. This exchange may lead to a positive outcome, for example by :

  • clearing up a misunderstanding
  • additional explanations
  • correction of an error that has been highlighted

In other cases, the ombudsman may propose a mediation session between you and a representative of the administration concerned.

The conditions for a mediation session :

Mediation brings the parties together and helps to find a mutually acceptable outcome.

In the event of a positive outcome of mediation, upon request of the parties, the result of the agreement may be formalised in a written document. 

Recommendation to the authority concerned

If the ombudsman considers it necessary, he can make a recommendation to the authority concerned and propose a change in procedures.

This approach is part of the BMA mission to contribute to improving the functioning of the administration and encourage it to maintain good relations with users.

Access to information

Any staff of the Geneva public administration, whatever their hierarchical level, must support the ombudsman :

  • by providing him with any information or documents requested
  • by giving a right or facilitating access to data, subject to the provisions of the law on public information, access to documents and protection of personal data (LIPAD - available in French only).

Persons subject to the secrecy of function are released from such secrecy with regard to the ombudsman.

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15 November 2022

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