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2. EU/EFTA nationals

For whom 

EU/EFTA nationals wishing to live and study in Switzerland may obtain the right of residence if they are in possession of:

  • sufficient financial ressources to meet their needs;
  • health and accident insurance with full coverage.


A student permit is obtained for the duration of the course, if it is less than a year.

If the course extends over several years, a student permit is delivered for one year and may be renewed until the end of the studies.

Student permits are strictly temporary. Authorisations are granted for the educational establishment(s) provided for in the study plan.


You need to be registered in an establishment where you will primarily be following a training course.

Any change of school or of your study plan is subject to a new application and must be immediately notified to the Cantonal Office for Population and Migration (OCPM).

An ancillary activity is possible provided it doesn't exceed 15 hours per week. During university holidays a full time activity is authorised. To be authorised, any ancillary activity must be announced by filling in form E or online.

You may benefit from family reunification for your partner and children.

To apply online, you will need an "e-démarches" account ("compte simple").


  • Form E (only for applications sent by post);
  • Colour photocopy of a valid I.D.;
  • School registration certificate;
  • Proof of financial means or sponsorship certificate (Form O);
  • Copy of lease or landlord's attestation - form AL (with copy of the main lease and the landlord's I.D.) in sublet or rent-free accommodation;
  • Departure certificate issued by the canton of provenance if you were previously living in another canton.


For online applications, payment is made online as well.

For applications sent by post, payment is made by invoice.

See our Taxes and fees table

Processing times

Processing times can be consulted on this page: Délais de traitement moyens des demandes déposées à l'OCPM |

Help to fill in the online form

See our fact sheet: Aide pratique pour annoncer en ligne son arrivée à Genève ou déposer une demande de permis de séjour avec ou sans activité auprès de l'OCPM |

Apply for a student permit
Your application can be done either online or by postal mail.
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8 July 2024

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