Academia & Industry developing the future together (en anglais)

Come and hear about how academia and industry can successfully join their forces to develop new technologies and achieve breakthrough innovation.

Discover how your company can boost innovation.

We are now well aware that innovation drives economic growth at the country and industry level. This is particularly true for a highly competitive country such as Switzerland. It is also proven that academic and fundamental research play a crucial role towards innovation; moreover, quality of research is one of the most important success factor for innovation and technology transfer. Swiss schools and universities are ranked among the best in the world and are pillars of our strength.

In this context, Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL creates a platform for local and international companies coming from all industries. This platform allows companies to push their research activities further in partnership with our universities and higher-education institutions. Sharing ideas between researchers, talented individuals, and innovative entrepreneurs are the core ingredients to create a fertile ground for innovation.

The event will include testimonials and interactive debates from innovative industry leaders and top-notch professors, followed by a networking cocktail.

With the participation of Swiss Federal Councilor Schneider-Ammann, President of EPFL Prof. Vetterli, Ministers of Economy Karakash (Neuchâtel) and Leuba (Vaud) as well as C-level executives from multinationals and large companies.

The event will include testimonials and interactive debates from innovative industry leaders and renowned professors, followed by a networking cocktail.

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2 février 2018