9. A New Latin American Political Wave: crisis and possibilities of young democracies (3/3)


This international conference brings together scholars based in Switzerland and Latin American to discuss the interface of emerging challenges and possibilities that will shape Latin American democracies in the next decades. Although there has been much debate about the crisis of democracies, much has focused on rise of populism in North America and extreme-right in Europe. A closer look at Latin America allow us to better explore different meanings of democracy as well as its intersection with diverse patterns of economic regimes, redistribution policies, political cultures and recognition discourses.

10h15 – 12h00 - Closing remarks and views about Latin America in International Geneva

Graziella, Aline, Corine and Rafael

En anglais.

Programme détaillé sur le site https://graduateinstitute.ch/communications/events/new-latin-american-w…

Lieu: Maison de la paix

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24 septembre 2019