COVID-19 : Vaccination data and campaign in Geneva

Summary of key steps in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Geneva since December 2020.

Vaccination numbers

Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign until 2nd December 2022, 1'019'550 doses have been administered since the beginning of the vaccination campaign to persons residing in Geneva and to border residents.

  • 391'020 persons received their first dose
  • 361'874 persons received their second dose 
  • 221'506 persons received a booster dose 1
  • 40'445 received a booster(dose 2 including the 2022 autumn-winter campaign 
  • 4'070 persons received an additional dose and 1'080 receieved a booster 3 (essentially immunosuppressed persons) 

Vaccination campaign

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign, which started in December 2020, has been implemented in several phases: primary vaccination, booster vaccination in 2021 and booster vaccination in 2022 (ongoing). 

It is still possible for people who have not yet been vaccinated to be vaccinated against COVID-19 (primary vaccination). For people who have already been vaccinated for 4 months or more, a booster vaccination is possible. 

17 October Pfizer Comirnaty® Bivalent vaccine available in Geneva at several vaccination centres for the fall 2022 booster campaign
10  October Beginning of the autumn 2022 booster vaccination campaign, with the Moderna Spikevax® Bivalent vaccine available in vaccination centres and in some pharmacies and doctors' surgeries
8 August Nuvaxovid® vaccine from Novavax available at the HUG vaccination centre
July Reopening of 6 vaccination centres: Pharmacie du Mandement; Pharmacie Bleue, Clinique et permanence d'Onex; PharmaShop; Permanence Médico-Chirurgicale de Plainpalais; Permanence Médico-Chirurgicale de Chêne-Bourg
5 July New campaign: 2nd booster vaccination for people with severe immunodeficiency and for people aged 80 years and over
April With the shutting down of two centres (PharmaShop and Permanence Médico-Chirurgicale de Plainpalais) at the end of April, only the HUG vaccination centre is currently operational.
March Closing of several sites (Helvetic Care Rive; m3-Joinville; Garde Pédiatrique Lancy; Pharmacie Bleue; Centre médico-chirurgical Vermont; Pharmacie du Mandement; Swiss Medical Center, Permanence Médico-Chirurgicale Chêne-Bourg and the pediatric practices La Planta and Cruzado)
Feb. Downsizing of the vaccination system (Closing of m3 Meyrin and m3 Chêne, Clinique et permanence d'Onex and various vaccination venues in pharmacies) 
22 Jan. End of the Vacci-Road mobile vaccination campaign
5 Jan. Launch of the vaccination campaign for children aged 5 to 11 years old (opening of 5 vaccination sites planned in January)
24 Dec. Opening until 3 January of the temporary DGS-Chêne (Eaux-Vives) vaccination site for the booster dose to reinforce the vaccination effort during the holiday season. 
21 Dec. Access to the booster dose for all persons vaccinated as of 4 months instead of 6 months (as recommended by the FOPH and the Federal Commission for Vaccinations)
18 Dec. End of the Vacci-Bus tour
13 Dec. Vaccination campaign for the booster dose for the population aged 16-49 years (six months after the last dose)
6 Dec. All vaccination centres offer the booster dose for persons aged 50-64 (six months after the last dose) 
1st Dec. Vaccination campaign for the booster dose for persons aged 50 to 64 years in two vaccination centres (Plainpalais and Chêne-Bourg) (six months after the last dose)
15 Nov. Launch of the Vacci-Bus mobile vaccination campaign (on tour until 18 December on a dozen sites in the canton)
8-14 Nov. National vaccination week
5 Nov.  Vaccination campaign for the booster dose for persons aged 65 years and over
7 Oct.  The Johnson & Johnson's Janssen® vaccine is available in Geneva for residents of the canton.
21 Sept. Opening (until 23rd October) of a walk-in vaccination centre at the Meyrin shoping centre (m3 Sanitrade)
20 Sept. Opening of the vaccination centre of the Permanence Médico-Chirurgicale Rond-Point Plainpalais (initially intended primarily for university students) (vaccination with or without appointment). 
15 Sept  Opening of the vaccination centre of the Medical Centre in Chêne-Bourg CMCB (vaccination with or without appointment).
11 Sept. The CMU-HUG vaccination centre is open at week-ends for walk-in vaccination (until Sunday 3 October included).
End of the vaccination operation in the Pharmacies principales de la Praille and Balexert.
6 Sept. Opening of a new walk-in vaccination centre on the right bank: PHARMAshop open from Tuesday to Saturday.
Launch of the Vacci-road - mobile vaccination team on a weekly tour of shopping centres and other high density locations (UNIGE; HES etc.).
31 July The m3 Sanitrade centre makes available a number of appointment-free vaccination slots for all persons as of 12 years.
End of July Closing of the Palexpo vaccination centre, the Carouge vaccination centre and the La Tour vaccination centre.
17 July

Appointment-free vaccination for adults on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays at the  Centre commercial de Balexert in collaboration with the Pharmacie Principale group.


14 July Appointment-free vaccination for adults on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays at the  Centre commercial de la Praille in collaboration with the Pharmacie Principale group.
Beginning of July

Closing of the vaccination centre of the Clinique générale Beaulieu, the vaccination centre of the Pharmacie populaire group (rue Carteret) and the vaccination centre in Cologny.


18 June Partnership with the FER : companies who are members of the FER may register for vaccination slots made available for their employees.
16 June Opening of registration for young persons aged 12-15 years old. Vaccination sheduled to start on 2nd  July.
14 June  Launch of a pilote vaccination project in a medical centre in Chêne-Bourg:  Centre Médical Opale 
19 May Opening of vaccination to all people in the 16-44 age group.
10 May

Opening of the vaccination centre in Cologny (Clinique Hirslanden-Grangettes) with a potential injection capacity of 4,00 doses per day.

Launch of two pilot projects for registration and vaccination in pharmacies (Pharmacie Bleue in Vésenaz and Pharmacieplus du Mandement in Satigny).

3 May Launch of a project for the co-management by the Pharmacie Populaire group of the COVID-19 vaccination schedule (project intended for vulnerable people aged 65+ for whom computer tools present a technological barrier with regards to their online registration.
19 April Opening of a vaccine site at Palexpo with a potential injection capacity of 4,000 doses per day, which will be managed by the association of Geneva doctors (AMGe) and the association of pharmacy owners of the canton of Geneva (PharmaGeneve)
12 April Opening of the vaccination to 45-54 and 55-64 age groups 
6 April Opening of the vaccination to all health professionals and socio-sanitary categories in contact with patients or vulnerable persons (Group II)
April and May Increase in vaccine deliveries: between 18,000 and 20,000 doses should be supplied each week in Geneva (half Moderna and half Pfizer), making it possible to double the number of vaccinations per week and to gradually extend vaccination to other population groups depending on registration, and then to the entire population
22 March 

Opening of a new vaccination centre on the Hospital de la Tour site

Opening of vaccination to staff and residents in facilities for people with disabilities

17 March People aged 65+ have priority for vaccination registration
23 February Following the delivery of 5,000 doses of vaccine, the vaccination programme in vaccination centres is opened to adults with high vulnerability criteria (who have requested and received a certificate from their general practitioner proving that they have priority access for vaccination against COVID-19) and also, on their workplace, to health workers in contact with high-risk people
25 January  Opening of two new vaccination centres: Clinique Générale Beaulieu and Clinique des Grangettes
20 January  Opening of a vaccination centre at the Geneva University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG)
As of 18 January 2021 Delivery of the third consignment of Pfizer vaccines
People aged 75+ and highly vulnerable adults, regardless of their age, have priority for vaccination registration
15 January  Delivery of the first consignment of Moderna vaccines
As of 4 January 2021 Delivery of the second consignment of Pfizer vaccines and beginning of the vaccination of people aged 75 years+ in social medical institutions (EMS), in certain units of the HUG and in three vaccination centres (M3 Sanitrade, Clinique et permanence d'Onex, Clinique de Carouge
23 December 2020 Delivery of the first consignment of Pfizer vaccines and beginning of the vaccination of people aged 75 years+ in a residential home for the elderly (IEPA) (as of December 28th)