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The world commodity capital

It is a simple fact that the world's leading commodity traders are based in Geneva. The city continues to dominate over its competitors, going from strength to strength in this vital economic sector.

Switzerland has no access to the sea, yet more than two-thirds of the world's finest coffee and cocoa are traded in the country. This apparent paradox is one of Geneva's great strengths. Over the years, Geneva has become the trading capital for agricultural raw materials or 'soft commodities'. In addition to coffee and cocoa, trading in sugar is also a major activity of the Lake Geneva region.

As the city has been a focus for exchange and negotiation since the Middle Ages, it is only natural that it maintains a leading position in the field of gobal commodities' trading. This dominance is largely due to the dynamism of Geneva's location and the intricate networks of skills that continue to be developed.

Numerous trading companies benefit from Geneva's highly skilled workforce and expertise. This creates both value and wealth: nearly 20 per cent of the canton's tax revenue is directly attributable to this form of commodity trading.

With direct access to the most advanced technologies

The vast majority of the big players in international trade have a presence in Geneva. This concentration of multinationals relies on a wide range of partners, such as banks, which have the know-how and market expertise to ensure fruitful partnerships and the optimization of business. Companies and banks active in commodities' trading have created the Swiss Trading and Shipping Association (STSA), which, based in Geneva, rigorously promotes the interests of its members.

The significant degree of innovation in the Geneva area places new technologies within close reach of traders. Blockchain and other financial technologies allow large and established groups to maintain their status as leaders, whilst also anticipating their needs for tomorrow.

Trading companies also rely on simple and easy access to stock exchanges and liquidity managers across Geneva. In addition, they are in close contact with the best insurance companies, lawyers, trustees, marine charterers, shipowners and inspection and verification services, as well as major storage firms.


companies in Switzerland in the commodity trading and shipping sectors.


worldwide in the field of certification and inspection of goods.

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