Independent mediation between the public and the police (MIPP)

1. Overview

The independent mediation body between the population and the police (MIPP) is here to listen to you and help you find common ground when you feel you have been treated unfairly in a police interaction. This could involve a difference of opinion, a misunderstanding or an attitude deemed inappropriate or disproportionate that calls for an explanation.

Mediation is free and confidential.


Whether you are an individual or a member of the police force, mediation is a quick and simple way of resolving a conflict or disagreement out of court. Is it appropriate for your situation ?

The conflict between you and a person or a member of the police force could be settled using mediation. You wish to be heard by the MIPP. How does one request mediation ?

The MIPP manages disputes between the population and the police by listening and mediating. What happens once you have requested mediation from MIPP ? 

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Organe de Médiation indépendante entre la population et la police (MIPP)
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22 May 2024

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