Tradition of innovation

A forward-looking ecosystem

Geneva brings together leading research centers, a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem, privileged access to European and international markets and a highly skilled population.

The growth of Geneva is best illustrated with an examination of its renowned institutions and the creativity of numerous multinational companies located here. As a result of this synergy, a multitude of SMEs have also successfully been established.

A prosperous and diversified crossroads, made up of inventive, innovative and open-minded groups and individuals, Geneva has much still to offer. Incentives include state-of-the-art training programs, a highly developed civic infrastructure, easy access to international markets, a healthy and green physical environment, and attractive levels of taxation. The University of Geneva and Geneva University Hospitals also occupy enviable positions in the international rankings for education.

But there is more to Geneva even than this. Its position at the heart of Europe has helped the emergence of 'International Geneva', and the city is now the home to many United Nations-related organizations. Geneva is the headquarters of several UN bodies, including UNICEF, the World Health Organization and the International Labour Organization. It is also the home of the World Intellectual Property Organization, which houses specialists and experts in patents and innovation.

Groundbreaking research and development platforms

These are all set against the backdrop of world-class research and training institutions. Geneva is the cradle of CERN, the European organization for nuclear research, and the institution that created the World Wide Web. The Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering has also developed its research activities in the city and the Biotech Campus, a center of excellence established in 2013, has produced groundbreaking research and development, particularly in the field of data-driven medicine.

This support network for innovation overseen by the Canton of Geneva is extremely diverse and creates favorable conditions for the emergence of start-ups of all varieties. Fongit, the Geneva Foundation for Technological Innovation, has supported more than 100 such start-ups, including Protonmail, Imverse, Orbiwise and many others.


"As the first start-up incubator in Switzerland, Fongit currently supports more than 60 innovative start-ups, in the fields of ICT, Engineering and Medtech. Our integrated incubation program combines coaching, administrative, legal and accounting support, fully equipped offices, and access to capital, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their product and develop their clientele." 

Antonio Gambardella
Director, Fondation genevoise d'innovation technologique (Fongit) 

Andy Yen

"When we started our courier service from CERN, we were lucky enough to take advantage of the Fongit program. It has allowed us to focus on our product and effectively support us during our scale-up phase. It has also helped us navigate through the legal challenges, set up the financial management and structure the company to cope with this strong growth."

Andy Yen
CEO and co-founder, Proton Technologies

Seb Kulling

"Thanks to its strategic role in international governance, its diversified economic fabric and its first-class academic environment, Geneva has all the assets it needs to contribute to an innovative and sustainable Switzerland."

Sébastien Kulling
Western Switzerland Director, digitalswitzerland


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