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The 2030 Agenda was established in Geneva by the member states of the United Nations (UN) in 2015. This program is a powerful force for sustainable development, with those responsible for its success drawn from international organizations and civil society, as well as the economic and academic sectors.

The canton of the Geneva is fully committed to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It sees its role as not only to apply a panoply of good practices in the canton itself, but also to promote and defend the values of sustainability more broadly.

Geneva is famous as a centre of finance but it is now also renowned as a base for sustainable finance. The canton is a pioneer in this field and has published an online map that details all the organizations with a stake in sustainable finance, whether private, academic or voluntary. Together, these players have the wherewithal to transform finance by issuing green bonds - for the renovation and energy upgrading of buildings, for example - or climate bonds, to encourage green businesses.

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Geneva benefits from the presence, on the lake's right bank, of international organizations such as the UN and, on the left, from well-established and traditional financial institutions. Sustainable Finance Geneva has been busy for more than 10 years promoting this vital transformation in the world of finance. 

In April 2018, a major investment accelerator in the field of responsible economy established its secretariat in Geneva. The Financial Centers for Sustainability network (FC4S) now puts to good use the expertise of major players in the banking, investment and insurance sectors to inject new momentum into asset investment practices.

The decision by FC4S to locate here cemented Geneva's position as an international hub for green finance. It is at the heart of a global, rich and dynamic ecosystem, encouraging businesses, politicians, associations and citizens to unreservedly commit to sustainability.



















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