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Thanks both to its political stability and a banking tradition that is beyond compare, Geneva is without doubt one of the world's leading financial centers. Combining ancestral know-how with modern innovation, Geneva's banks enjoy an unparalleled reputation for the services they provide.


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SFGFAE - facilitateur de financement



The city's authorities ease the settling of foreign companies and citizens in Geneva. The Directorate General for Economic Development, Research and Innovation (DG DERI) can answer all your questions and put you in touch with each and every service provider. To welcome newcomers, the Centre d'Accueil Genève Internationale (CAGI) offers practical assistance with information on life in Geneva - accommodation, schools, clubs - and builds bridges between locals and international Geneva by organising events open to all.


CAGIftiuspiVdGACGFédération genevoise des métiers du bâtiment | FMB



Switzerland is a country of innovation. Since 2011, it has ranked first in the Global Innovation Index of the World Intellectual Property Organization. As the city and the wider region constitute one of the economic engines of the nation, Switzerland's place at the top of the list is due in no small part to Geneva punching well above its weight.


Fongit | innovation incubatorGenilemOPI | Industries technologiesGeneva Creativity CenterFondetec | Ville de GenèveGinnove
Hôpitaux Universitaires genève | HUGUNIGEAlliance pour innoverunitecHES-SO | genèvedigitalCHFondation Campus Biotech GenevaMicronarc | Pôle micro-nanométrique de Suisse occidentaleInnosuisse - Agence suisse pour l'encouragement de l'innovation



Innovation is a complex process along which the journey from idea to the creation of sustainable economic and social value is strewn with obstacles. Several structures help to support the emergence of high-potential start-ups in the canton of Geneva. An organization such as the Geneva Foundation for Technological Innovation (Fongit), a state-supported incubator, plays a crucial role as a catalyst, and contributes, along with several others, to the consolidation of Switzerland's reputation as a nation of innovation.

Fongit | innovation incubatorGenilemEclosion Science de la ViePlatinn | plateforme innovatorpulseRéseau Entreprendre | Suisse RomandeAccélérateur translationnel - Faculté de Médecine | UNIGE



Geneva is a city of global influence, hosting thousands of conferences each year. Equipped with a first-class infrastructure, the city also boasts the largest hotel with the highest catering capacity in all of Switzerland.

PalexpoGETourismeGVAFédération des entreprises Romandes - GenèveChambre de commerce, d'industrie et des services de GenèvePFGENode | Depuis 1922Fédération du commerce genevoiswefFondation GEVdGChambre de l'économie sociale et solidaire - Après-GEBioAlpsalpictcleantech



Geneva invests heavily in the training of its young people, among the best educated in the world. The universities of the Lake Geneva region are world-famous and currently offer many courses in English. The canton has more than 45 private schools - and the highest number of places in international schools per person in Europe - offering a wide choice of pedagogies, languages and diplomas. The public school system also offers the highest-quality education, full immersion in French and excellent integration into the local culture.


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Located just a few minutes from the centre of town, Geneva Airport serves 150 destinations worldwide, by direct flight, including more than 30 daily to London. The rail network is also excellent, with eight TGV trains per day connecting to Paris in three hours and several direct trains to Milan or Venice.





"With its dynamic and diversified economic fabric, Geneva is an extraordinarily fertile breeding ground for the development of your business in the heart of Europe. The CCIG is delighted to accompany you on the road to prosperity, alongside our 2,500 Members."

Vincent Subilia
Director General,
Chambre de commerce, d'industrie et des services de Genève

Blaise Mathey

"At the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes Genève (FER Genève), we support an open economy, contribute to social dialogue and promote the interests of 28,000 companies and 80 professional associations."

Blaise Matthey
Director General,
Fédération des Entreprises Romandes Genève


"Founded in 1996 and supported by more than 30 national and local, public and private entities, the mission of the Centre d'Accueil de la Genève Internationale (CAGI) is to facilitate the installation and integration in Geneva of newly arrived "Internationalists."

Salman Bal, Director General,
Centre d'Accueil de la Genève Internationale



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