Collective Intelligence

One of the most effective innovation networks in the world

Collective intelligence is the sharing of ideas for progress. Geneva therefore places a heavy emphasis on investing in collaboration between private and institutional actors. Thanks to its compact size and intricate network of partners, the city has a unique innovation dynamic that has emerged between actors from different backgrounds.

Geneva puts a high priority on linking researchers and Grandes Écoles with the companies and international organizations based here. 'International Geneva', with countless international and non-governmental organizations, brings together the best talent and decision-makers from across the world. This international influence is apparent in fields as varied as commerce, medicine and meteorology. Geneva is the place to meet, exchange and work on ideas about global challenges.

Local research centers play a leading role in this development. The University of Geneva (UNIGE) is the mainstay, with UNITEC, its focus for technology transfer, not only securing inventions, but just as importantly, their academic and commercial value. Indeed, more than 1,000 inventions have been realized over the last 20 years, with over 250 patent applications being submitted. These are highly significant achievements and bear a positive comparison to other leading universities worldwide.

Facilitate the emergence of new business models 

UNIGE also works closely with the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG), a globally recognized institution that plays a leading international role in health care. The Institute of Genetics and Genomics is particularly notable, as is the Swiss Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery, which sits at the forefront of its field. World leaders in medical imaging, the HUG teams that developed robotic surgery, are also pioneers in combating lethal viruses such as Ebola. Geneva's collective intelligence is thus deployed at the highest level, whether in laboratories or missions abroad.

In economic terms, collective intelligence favors the emergence of new business models. There are many coworking spaces in Geneva and they are more than a pool of resources: Brainstorming and networking events to foster collaboration are key elements in this new way of working. The launch of Pulse, a new support structure for innovative projects and business creation, has seen the canton's specialized high schools also make collective intelligence a priority.

Existing incubators, meanwhile, continue their work apace. Last year, the Geneva Foundation for Technological Innovation helped create optimum conditions for the rise, growth and expansion of many promising start-ups. Genilem, from technological initiatives, complete this circle.  


the number of Genevan innovative projects, recorded in recent years, among the top 100 start-ups in Switzerland.


technicians and experts for the University Hospital of Geneva, the largest healthcare and health research institution in Switzerland.

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