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5. Access to employment for people with an S permit

Persons who have been granted temporary protection status S may engage in paid employment or self-employment in Switzerland subject to authorisation. 

Each new activity or change of employer is subject to prior authorisation. This prior authorisation is intended to ensure protection against abuses and wage undercutting. The wages and working conditions must be in accordance with the practices of the region, profession and industry concerned. 

The application is submitted to the cantonal office of inspection and labour relations, which charges a fee of CHF 50.00 to check compliance with the work conditions.

How to apply for a work permit?

Applications cannot be filed until protection status has been granted.

The employer or the self-employed person, whose place of business is in Geneva, must apply for a work permit by completing and returning the pS form to the following address: 

Office cantonal de la population et des migrations
Secteur asile
Case postale 2652
1211 Genève 2

The following documents must be enclosed with the application:

  • For an employed activity :
    • Completed pS form
    • Copy of S permit or national identity document
    • Copy of the employment contract signed by both parties
    • Curriculum vitae
  • For self-employed activity :
    • Completed pS form
    • Copy of the S permit or a national identity document
    • Summary of project / business plan
    • Curriculum vitae
Any termination of activity must be announced by the last employer/self-employed person using the R form

People who have obtained protection status in France are not allowed to work in Switzerland (it is not possible to obtain a cross-border work permit).


Persons with an S permit who are teleworking for a foreign employer (e.g. for their previous employer in their country of origin) or who are continuing their existing self-employed activity without influencing the Swiss labour market do not need to apply for an authorisation to continue their activity.


Last updated
2 May 2022

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