DG EDRI's team

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A. Epalle

Alexandre Epalle

Director General


Nicolas Bongard

Land use, industry and mobility

C. Aidonidis
C. Aidonidis

Christine Aidonidis


X. Bonard
X. Bonard

Xavier Bonard

Local economy

P. Crousaz Pantet
P. Crousaz Pantet

Patricia Crousaz Pantet

Establishment support and cross-border business

J. Folly

Jacques Folly

Local trade and territorial marketing

C. Huguenin

Cyril Huguenin

Sustainable economy

M. Kleiner

Michael Kleiner

Establishment support and digital economy

D. Cavin
D. Cavin

Denis Cavin

Establishment support and Health & Life Science

S. Mellot
S. Mellot

Samuel Mellot

Digital economy

M. Rudolf
M. Rudolf

Melissa Rudolf


J. Zurmuhle

Juliette Zurmühle

Events and communication

K. Reka

Kustrim Reka

Local economy and finance

M. Siegrist

Marc-André Siegrist

Networks management

C. Zimmermann
C. Zimmermann

Catherine Zimmermann

Territorial marketing and communication