Preserve your health


This period of uncertainty is sometimes difficult to deal with. Our advice for finding information and resources when needed.

Help and support 24/24


Do you need an ambulance or first aid? Dial 144, stay calm and answer the questions you will be asked.

La main tendue
La main tendue

Listening, guidance and support.


Direct access to HUG emergency services


Consultation for children and young people, confidential, free of charge, 24/24.


Are you having dark and gloomy thoughts? Suicide is not a solution. Death is irreversible and definitive, so don't stay alone and do talk about how you feel. We are here to support you, available 7/7, 24/24.

Prévention de la violence
Prévention de la violence

Medicine and prevention of violence : a service dedicated to people confronted with violence.

Aide aux victimes de violence en couple
Aide aux victimes de violence en couple

If you are concerned about your interactions with your partner or your ex-partner, we are here to talk about it without judgement. AVVEC can help support you in finding solutions to your situation.





Mental health

Santé psy
Santé psy

Taking care of your mental health

Minds, promotion de la santé mentale
Minds, promotion de la santé mentale

Help and advice for taking care of your mental health

Prendre soin de sa santé mentale
Prendre soin de sa santé mentale

What is mental health? How do we take care of it?


stop suicide
stop suicide

Activity programmes to talk and help people talk about suicide, to inform, raise awareness and increase opportunities for prevention. This is not a hotline.

Centre thérapeutique des traumatismes et agressions sexuelles
Centre thérapeutique des traumatismes et agressions sexuelles

Counselling and guidance for any person or family affected by psychological violence, ill-treatment, deficiencies, physical aggression, sexual assault at any age, traumatic bereavement, accidents, etc.


Trajectoires is a Geneva-based association that provides ethical guidance in the field of psychotherapy.


Ville de Genève
Ville de Genève

Preventing the risk of isolation with Solidarity 65+. T - 0800 22 55 11 

Dôme seniors
Dôme seniors

Help against the isolation of seniors

Covid-Out is a free website of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) providing practical and personalised resource material to help you keep a balanced life in this exceptional situation.


Prévenir les violences domestiques
Prévenir les violences domestiques

Prevention of violence, whether domestic, gender-related, sexual orientation or gender identity.






Health information and advice



Media PiAn 18-minute video to explain the "COVID-19" coronavirus to children.


Institut AlphaTalking to children about COVID-19 and dealing with psychological impact.


Le coronavirus expliqué aux enfantsThe coronavirus in 12 printable pages to learn and draw. Available in several languages.


Je suis le coronavirusA guide to help parents explain the coronavirus to their children.


Ressources de confinementFun activities for parents of children aged 0-4 years.


Pulsations juniorsHealth explained to youngsters in the HUG's magazine Pulsations.



Information, help and information-sharing website for 11-20 year olds, with discussion forums, tests, quizzes and games.


Projuventute 147

Talking to children about COVID-19 and dealing with psychological impact.

Pulsation magazine

Presentation of the Interdisciplinary Unit of Medicine and Prevention of Violence (UIMPV).


Adults and seniors

Se protéger et éviter une nouvelle vague

Key aspects of COVID-19 in Geneva available on the State of Geneva website (tests, epidemiological situation, rules of hygiene and conduct, fact-checking, etc.).




Covid-Out is a free website of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) providing practical and personalised resource material to help you keep a balanced life in this exceptional situation.



Coronapp is an application of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) informing patients and citizens about the right attitudes to adopt in the Coronavirus context. Also available on Apple store. is an access pass to be presented in establishments, places and events where respecting interpersonal distances can be difficult. The application records information while respecting all the rules of confidentiality and protection of personal data.


SwissCovid is the official contact tracing application in Switzerland and is operated by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). It complements the classical contact tracing application used by the cantons in the case of new infections, and thus helps to interrupt the chains of transmission.


Infomaniak - Safe tracing

Infomaniak SafeTracing is a free system to guarantee the tracing of contacts in an establishment (restaurant, bar, etc.) using a QR code. The autonomous tracing application respects privacy in the fight against the pandemic.

Annoncer un retour de voyage d'une zone à risqueMandatory quarantine for travellers entering Switzerland.


Situation épidémiologique à Genève
Epidemiological situation in the canton of Geneva.

Heidi.newsEvolution of the pandemic in Switzerland since June 2020.










Articles et vidéos

Le Temps - Tous les articles sur le coronavirus
Comprendre les virus et leur fonctionnement
Le confinement, ce défi psychologique
Le cycle de vie des masques de protection
5 questions pour comprendre l'origine du coronavirus et sa dangerosité
Rencontre avec Antoine Flahaut, spécialiste du suivi des épidémies




MindsMinds promotes mental health and coordinates the Geneva mental health network. It is not a hotline.


Santé psyTips for preserving and promoting mental health despite the health crisis.


Revue médicale suisseAll the medical news with archives to read free of charge.


36.9°The RTS medical programme, also available as a podcast.


Spectra In-depth insights and topical information in the field of health promotion and prevention.


Planète santéThousands of articles and videos on your daily health.

HUGWeb TV dedicated to health and patient information.


monado.chA website for parents dealing with their child's adolescence. Available in several languages.


Plateforme des aînésThe News leads to a wide range of resources related and unrelated to the Covid-19 period.


Pulsation magazineFind out more about health by leafing through the magazine Pulsations des HUG.


SpectraPodcasts on health in all its diversity. 


Ville de GenèveHow do you keep busy at home when you're a senior? Advice offered by the City of Geneva.




Keys to understanding discoveries, diseases and scientific and medical progress.


Covimad coordinates your individualised care itinerary such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, etc.

Bien chez nous

A 12-minute programme to get information, to learn something new, to take care of yourself and make the most of your home and your loved ones in a different way.


Pulsation magazine

Presentation of the Interdisciplinary Unit of Medicine and Prevention of Violence (UIMPV).





Physical exercise


Regular physical activity, carried out according to one's abilities, is essential to maintain a healthy body and mind. Even at home, it is possible to be physically active and do some good for oneself.


Family and kids

hepa.chPlayful and physical activities to move with children.


Actif pour la viePhysical activities for children according to age group.


Yoga challengeYoga Challenge:  yoga with the family.


mobilesport.chA wide range of physical activities that are easy to do at home with the family.

Young people and adults

hepa.chPhysical activities to be carried out according to one's level.


Gym directGym Direct: the largest gym in France on Youtube


Cole Chance YogaCole chance yoga: yoga class on Youtube (in English).


The body coachFitness programme (in English).


Yoga down dogYoga application, configurable according to the time you have available and your objectives.


mobilesport.chTips to help you satisfy your need for movement.


Hôpitaux universitaires de GenèveStay active at home with the HUG with a few exercises to do at home to keep in shape.


Unité de traumatologie des HUGExercises without injuring oneself, by respecting a slow and regular progression.


Promotion santéEasy to do at home exercises provided by Promotion Santé Suisse and available on YouTube.


L'école bougeTo keep moving at home is good for your energy level and morale.


CSS  assurances - du sport à la maisonSport at home for strength, endurance and relaxation.


Bouger sans sortir - Lémen bleuLéman bleu programme to stay active and healthy at home.


Exercices antirouille"Maintenance" Exercises for the confinement period.








Seniors tips and tricks for moving around at home with links to physical activities to do according to one's level.


BPAThe accident prevention office invites you to keep on the move and avoid falls.



L'équilibre en marcheWalking with balance: training one's strength, equilibrium and mental condition.


Bouger sans sortir  - Léman bleuLéman bleu programme to stay active and healthy at home.


Uni santé LausanneLive physical activity with Unisanté Lausanne.


Gym pour les seniorsThe City of Geneva offers you a selection of activities and advice.


Pro Senectute
Pro Senectute

The Gym Seniors team is mobilised to offer you online courses.


Improve mobility and maintain muscle tonic function.

MDA - Activités 50+
MDA - Activités 50+

Stay fit, resourceful and independent after turning 50! The Mouvement des Aînés (seniors' association) offers a wide range of courses aimed at promoting exercise and physical activity, as well as outings, shows, concerts, etc... All manner of things that will help you preserve your mental health.

Food and cooking


Cooking balanced meals is one of the keys to staying healthy and maintaining an appropriate weight. It is not complicated and often cheaper than processed meals.


Université de Genève

Find out how to eat healthily at low cost.


Planète santé

Taking care of your plate equals taking care of yourself. It also means improving your mental well-being.


Mangeons mieux

A few messages and tips to pick up from this page.


La fourchette verte

If you have any questions about your diet.








Promotion santé Suisse

Promotion Santé Suisse compiles the most important points for healthful teleworking.



Check out the different resources suggested by Santépsy on the topic of telework.



Numerous topics related to working at home are addressed in this brochure, including health.