COVID-19 - get tested

1. Overview

After almost two years of the pandemic, the Federal Council announced on 30th March 2022, the end of the special situation. As of 1st April 2022, there are no longer any federal measures for the general population. 

COVID-19 will not disappear, but it no longer threatens health, lives or business continuity as it did over the past two years. However, we should see an increase in the number of cases, for example during the winter months.

So, generally speaking, the precautions to be maintained nowadays are as follows:

At all times

  • Ensure proper ventilation 
  • Wash your hands

In case of symptoms or a positive test 

  • Wear a mask in enclosed spaces
  • Limit your social life
  • Avoid contact with vulnerable people

When should you be tested?

If you have symptoms AND

  • You are a vulnerable person
  • Or you live with a vulnerable person


More information
If you have symptoms or a positive test

2. When should one get tested ?

Screening for COVID-19 is recommended if symptoms are present among : 

  • Vulnerable people
  • Persons living with a vulnerable person

Screening is no longer recommended but is still possible (and is reimbursed) for : 

  • Any person who show symptoms 
  • Any person who has been in contact with a positive case
  • On personal request and in the absence of symptoms and exposure, e.g. for travel (only the rapid antigen test is reimbursed).

More information

What type of test and for what situation ?

3. What type of test and for what situation?

As a general rule :

The PCR test, recognised as the most reliable, is always recommended primarily for symptomatic individuals who are vulnerable and/or who are caregivers in direct contact with patients and/or who have had symptoms for more than 4 days. They are also recommended for children exposed to COVID-19, as rapid antigen tests are not as accurate in this population group. 

For other indications however, the use of rapid antigen tests is recommended. They have the advantage of being easier to access as they do not require laboratory analysis and, above all, they give an immediate result (15-20 minutes). 

Confirmation of a positive rapid antigen test by PCR is recommended if a person wishes to obtain a recovery certificate valid in the European Union (EU). However, the delivery of a recovery certificate based on a single rapid antigenic test is foreseen and under development by the FOPH but is not yet operational (possibly by the end of April 2022).

Professionals who perform the tests will advise you on which kind of test is recommended for your situation.

The chart hereunder (in French) provides indications on the testing strategy.

Stratégie de testing
Stratégie de testing

Download the chart (in French)

Plus d'informations

Targeted and repetitive screening

  1. Health institutions and critical infrastructures 

    Directive concernant la pratique de tests de dépistage ciblé et répétitif

    Screening is no longer compulsory but continues to be reimbursed for health care institutions and critical infrastructures.
    For any question, please contact

  2. Companies, businesses and other related agencies
    On 16th February 2022, the Federal Council cancelled the general recommendation on repeated tests in companies as well as their financing.

Non exhaustive list of professionals authorised to test and to issue COVID certificates

List of professionals who perform on-site tests

Use the "filter" function to search by "commune" or by "professional"
Health professional Contact details

Pharmacie du Plaza

Rue du Cendrier 21
1201 Genève

022 732 36 11

Pharmacie de Montbrillant

Rue de Vidollet 1
1202 Genève
022 733 40 40

Pharmacie Bedat

Bd James-Fazy 7
1201 Genève

022 732 28 32

Pharmacie Sunstore M-Parc


Avenue Vibert 32

1227 Carouge

058 878 52 10


M3 Sanitrade


Centre de dépistage

Rte de Chêne 18-20

1208 Genève

022 809 07 35

079 654 46 15




022 309 15 36

Pharmacie Cité Universitaire


8a chemin des Clochettes

1206 Genève


022 346 88 22


Bd de la Cluse 38

1205 Genève


022 808 00 18

Pharmacie Amavita

Metro Shopping


Rue du Mont-Blanc 30

1201 Genève

058 878 17 30

Pharmacie Coop Vitality


Rue des Bossons 21

1213 Onex


058 878 85 10


Pharmacie de Champel


Rue de l'Athénée 39

1206 Genève


022 346 48 29

Pharmacie de Chêne-Bougeries


Rue de Chêne-Bougeries

1224 Chêne-Bougeries


022 860 26 60

Pharmacie de la Chapelle


Ch. de Compostelle 7

1212 Lancy

022 827 25 20


Pharmacie de l'ìle-Verte


Rue de Lyon 59

1203 Genève


022 550 28 96

Pharmacie de Vieusseux


A. Ernest-Pictet 32

1203 Genève

022 344 03 60

Pharmacie des Hauts-de-Malagnou


Ch. de la Chevillarde 53

1224 Chêne-Bougeries


022 700 11 00

Pharmacie des Pervenches


Rue Caroline

1227 Carouge


022 342 55 40

Pharmacie Quai du Mont-Blanc


Quai du Mont-Blanc 19

1201 Genève


022 731 90 85

Pharmacie Internationale


Place des Alpes 2

1201 Genève


022 900 07 24

Pharmacie Follonier

Rte de Meyrin 171

1214 Vernier


022 930 10 10

Pharmanature Dancet


Rue Dancet 3

1205 Genève


022 736 39 39

Pharmacieplus de Saint-Jean


Rue de Saint-Jean 2

1203 Genève


022 949 06 10

Pharmacieplus de Saule


Ch. de Saule 27

1233 Bernex


022 757 27 27

Pharmacieplus des Fontaines


Av. Vibert 20-24

1227 Carouge


022 342 88 22

Pharmacieplus du Bouchet


Av. du Bouchet 1

1209 Genève


022 734 56 40

Pharmacieplus du Rond-Point


Rond-point de Plainpalais 6

1205 Genève


022 320 07 59

Pharmacieplus de Grenus


Place de Grenus 12

1201 Genève

022 732 77 23

Pharmacieplus Wilson


Rue des Pâquis 41

1201 Genève


022 732 77 23

Pharmacie Rue Ecole-de-Médecine

Rue de l'Ecole-de-Médecine 3

1205 Genève


022 781 19 19

Clinique des Grangettes


Centre de dépistage


022 305 01 11

HUG Tropicale et humanitaire


Centre de dépistage

022 372 33 11

HUG secteur H pédiatrie


Centre de dépistage


Clinique de la Colline


Centre de dépistage

Av. de Beau-Séjour 6

1206 Genève


022 702 20 22

Helvetic Care


Centre de dépistage


022 788 11 11


Centre de soins à domicile

Esplanade des Récréations 15


079 526 20 00

Domisoins Genève

Rue de Lyon 42

1203 Genève

078 209 89 78


Infirmier indépendant

079 830 24 53

Key Placement

Av. Cardinal-Mermillod 36

1227 Carouge

079 609 20 14

Amavita Marché

Place du Marché 1

1227 Carouge

022 342 00 44


If a professional wishes to be added to this list or wishes to make changes, please contact


Pooled analyses using molecular biology (salivary tests)

Laboratory Contact details

022 738 18 18


022 807 14 68



022 309 15 36


022 704 07 04


058 944 03 00

If a professional wishes to be added to this list or wishes to make changes, please contact



4. Where can one be tested in Geneva ?

    You can choose a location for a test with no medical consultation by clicking on the map hereafter. 

    Click here to consult the list of testing centers in Geneva (in French)

    On this webpage, you will find the same information as in the map including contact details, opening days and hours, types of tests performed, with or without appointment.


    The testing sites are filtered by age category (adults and children under 16, children under 16, adults) according to your needs. You can also narrow your search by postal code for example. 


    A single filter may be used at a time.

    Testing centres, laboratories, pharmacies can issue COVID certificates for people who test negative for COVID-19 (PCR test or rapid antigen test).  Primary care physicians (e.g. general practitioners, paediatricians) may also issue COVID certificates only for the nasopharyngeal swab rapid antigenic tests they perform.


    6. In preparation for a trip

    In general

    When planning a trip abroad, it is important to find out about the requirements of the destination country and, if applicable, of the transport company.

    The requirements of each country may vary. It is therefore necessary to keep yourself informed right up to your travel dates.

    The tropical and travel medicine consultation unit of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) provides an updated summary document with general information by country with regard to PCR and antigen tests (RDT) and to recognised COVID vaccination certificates or recovery certificates.

    HUG - General information regarding COVID tests : List of countries (in French only).


    Screening tests

    People who need a rapid PCR or antigen test for travel purposes can book in advance to be tested at one of the screening centres in Geneva. 

    You will find hereafter a list of screening centres sorted by age category, as well as all the information you need to get tested : contact details, opening hours and days, types of tests performed, with or without appointment.

    As a reminder, PCR tests for travel purposes are at the expense of the person tested. However, rapid antigenic comfort tests will be paid for by the Confederation from 18 December 2021.

    In the case of a family, it is necessary to make as many  appointments as there are people to be tested in the family group. Several screening centres test both children and adults.


    COVID certificates

    Find hereafter all the updated information on COVID certificates and on how to obtain a COVID certificate in the canton of Geneva :

    7. Covering the costs of the screening test

    Illustration of the billing flow can be viewed in the chart below (in French).

    Stratégie de testing
    Stratégie de testing

    Download the chart (in French)

    In case of symptoms or exposure to Covid-19, tests performed by a professional will continue to be paid for by the Confederation.

    The Confederation currently covers the costs of all rapid antigen tests, including comfort tests (without symptoms, before travel), with the issue of a COVID certificate of negative test.