Stick'AIR and the differentiated traffic scheme

5. Free public transport during a pollution peak

As of 15 January 2020, the Geneva anti-smog scheme will incorporate a new strong incentive to encourage modal shift: when pollutant concentrations reach the warning level (second activation level) and so trigger the reinforced or extended levels of differentiated traffic, public transport will be temporarily free of charge across the entire cantonal network (zone 10).

The public is thus encouraged to make public transport their preferred choice in order to reduce pollutant emissions from motorized traffic.

During this period :

  • Everyone can benefit from the services of Geneva's public transport network without having to purchase a ticket.
  • Ticket inspections will be suspended across the Geneva network (but will remain in force for the other fare zones).

When can I benefit from this measure ?

This measure is applied when the warning activation level is triggered by air pollution.

It comes into force the day after the announcement that the threshold triggering the anti-smog measures has been crossed, beginning with the first public transport services of the day.

It finishes when the end of the pollution episode is announced, concluding with the last of Geneva’s public transport system’s night services.


Which section of the public transport network is concerned ?

This measure applies to all public transport lines in Geneva, the "Tout Genève" zone (zone 10).


How will I know if the measure is in force ?

Unireso will ensure that information is provided to travellers during the period in question. The website indicates at all times the level of air pollution in Geneva and, where appropriate, announces on its pages the implementation of free public transport in Geneva during a pollution peak.


I already have a half-fare, monthly or annual unireso season ticket. Does this measure concern me ?

This measure aims to encourage the use of public transport by new users in order to reduce pollutant emissions from motorized traffic. Holders of valid season tickets will not be entitled to any compensation.



Receive ahead all the announcements regarding Stick'AIR/differentiated traffic restrictions in Geneva (in French).

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