1. Overview

The current outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID-19 started in China, in the province of Hubei, but new infectious areas have progressively appeared outside of China. In Switzerland, the first case was detected on February 25, 2020. Since then, several cases of the COVID-19 disease have been reported throughout Switzerland and in the canton of Geneva. Today, there is a moderate risk of contamination in our country. By following a series of preventive measures implemented by the federal and cantonal health systems, each and everyone of us can contribute to limiting the risk of outspread. 

According to the decision of the federal office of public health (FOPH), epidemic management policy now aims to protect the more vulnerable population groups and to preserve the health system, which must now focus in priority on the more severe cases.

People with symptoms – but who are not vulnerable and do not require medical care – are no longer systematically tested and are encouraged to stay at home.


Hotline Geneva

0800 909 400

Free call, available 7/7 from 9:00 to 21:00.

You may also use the information hotline set up by the FOPH :

We thank you for not contacting the emergency call centers of hospitals, nor the Geneva cantonal health office before having browsed through the information pages available on this website. These service are currently overloaded by calls.


More about COVID-19

The cantonal state doctor warns the population against the spread of unfounded rumors circulating on social networks and on the web. The medical authorities of the canton of Geneva recommend that the population seek information only from official organizations such as those listed below.


Hotline Geneva - Coronavirus

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