8. Vaccination

On 24th August 2022, the Federal Council announced that it had ordered 40'000 doses of vaccine against monkeypox. While waiting to know the number of doses intended for the canton of Geneva, the Directorate General of Health is in the process of organising the vaccination campaign with its field partners, including the HUG and Checkpoint. 

Registration for vaccination started in Geneva on Thursday, September 15. As soon as the vaccine is available, registered persons will receive an SMS indicating the time and date of the appointments.

Vaccination against monkeypox is one measure among others: it protects partially, but not 100%, and it is necessary to continue to be cautious. If you have any symptoms:

  • get tested,
  • cover the sores,
  • avoid all intimate contact.
Purpose of monkeypox vaccination
  • To reduce the risk of infection
  • To reduce the severity of symptoms in the event of illness
  • To protect vulnerable people (children, pregnant women and people who are at risk of serious complications if they are infected)
Usual vaccination scheme

Two doses of MVA-BN vaccine with a minimum of 28 days between the two doses.

Persons eligible for vaccination

According to the FOPH criteria, vaccination against monkeypox is recommended for people who have the highest probability of being infected with the monkeypox virus. These are:

  • Multipartner men (men who have sex with men - MSM) and multipartner trans* people,
  • People who may be at risk of exposure to the monkeypox virus for professional reasons and despite protective equipment (medical personnel, specialized laboratory personnel, etc.),
  • people who have had risky contacts with people who are ill according to the FOPH criteria, but who have not yet developed the disease.

If you meet these criteria and would like to be vaccinated against monkeypox, we invite you to contact Checkpoint. This organizations handles part of the registration process, and anyone who is interested and meets the above criteria may write directly to this address to request registration:

If you are not sure if you want to be vaccinated, if you are not sure if you are at risk or if you have any other questions, you can anonymously contact the SMC monkeypox hotline at 022 546 55 27.

Vaccination process

As soon as the vaccine is available, applicants will receive a text message with the appointment time and date for the two doses, as well as a number to call to change the appointment dates if necessary. The text message does not mention the term "monkeypox."

Early registrants - the date of registration being the deciding factor - will be the first to be vaccinated.

Individuals will be greeted by trained staff to ensure a warm, non-judgmental welcome.

Patients must present themselves at the reception desk with a document confirming their identity (identity card, passport, driver's license, etc.). A residence permit and legal address are not required and will not be requested.

No screening will be performed at the vaccination center except for the usual contraindications to any vaccination procedure.

Vaccination cannot be performed anonymously. As with all medical and vaccination data, the information concerning this vaccination is confidential. The names of the persons registered are shared only with the persons in charge of vaccination, and they are subject to professional confidentiality, medical confidentiality and duty confidentiality. No information is passed on to a third party. Data security is ensured by a computer system containing all the necessary guarantees.


You will find further information related to monkeypox vaccination here: 

FAQ - Monkeypox vaccination

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22 September 2022

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