6. Positive test for monkeypox

  1. If your smear test confirms the presence of monkeypox, you should remain in isolation until you are no longer contagious. 

    A person is no longer contagious once the skin sores have scabbed over, the scab has fallen off and a new layer of skin has formed underneath. This takes 2 to 4 weeks. The isolation period is therefore of 2 to 4 weeks. If your condition allows it, your isolation should take place at home.
  2. The cantonal doctor's office will contact you to draw a list of people with whom you have been in contact. 

    All the information gathered will remain confidential. People living in the same household as you, people with whom you have had close contact in the days before the onset of symptoms and health professionals who may have been in unprotected contact with you will be given a recommendation for self-monitoring. They will not be quarantined. If they develop symptoms, testing will be necessary.
Last updated
24 May 2022

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