7. Vaccination without a prior appointment

To facilitate access to vaccination, the Geneva population can now be vaccinated at various "walk-in" sites in the canton without an appointment. Depending on the number of visitors, you may have to wait in line.

Registration is done on site. Access to the vaccination depends on the criteria of residence and/or affiliation to a health insurance.

Without the necessary documents for registration, it will not be possible to be vaccinated. 

People having received their first dose are given - when necessary - an appointment for a second dose at the same site.


Vaccination sites without a prior appointment

  • As of 21 September 2021: m3 Sanitrade vaccination centre in the Meyrin shopping centre (until 23 October) 
    Avenue de Feuillasse 24, 1217 Meyrin
    With or without appointment from Tuesday to Saturday

  • As of 20 September 2021: Vaccination Centre of the Permanence Médico-Chirurgicale Rond-Point Plainpalais (Moderna vaccine - for persons aged 16 years+ )
    17-19, Rue de Carouge, 1205 Geneva
    With or without appointment - Monday to Saturday from 8h to 20h
    Vaccinations during the first week of opening (20-26 September) will only be reserved for tertiary level students on presentation of an identity card, LAMAL card and their student card (or proof of student registration).

  • On week-ends only: HUG vaccination centre (CMU-University Medical Centre) (for persons aged 12 years+)
    CMU Entrance C, Avenue de Champel 9, 1206 Geneva
    Saturday-Sunday 9h-18h
    Saturdays: only Moderna doses  will be administered
    Sundays: only Pfizer doses will be administered
  • Centre de vaccination du Centre Médical à Chêne-Bourg CMCB (Pfizer vaccine - for persons aged 16 years+)
    20, Rue de Genève, 1225 Chêne-Bourg
    With or without appointment - Monday to Saturday from 8h to 19
  • The m3 Sanitrade vaccination centre (200 doses available per day - Pfizer vaccine (or Moderna vaccine upon request only) - for persons aged 12 years+)
    Route de Chêne 18-20, 1207 Geneva
    Monday-Saturday  8h30-19h30
  • PHARMAshop vaccination centre (150 doses available per day - Pfizer vaccine - for persons aged 16 years+)
    Rue du Cendrier 19, 1201 Geneva
    Monday-Friday 8h-19h and Saturday 10h-18h
  • Vacci-Road mobile team .
    • Meyrin and Vernier shopping centres: vaccination open to all persons aged 16+ with no prior appointment requested.
    • Universities and several higher education institutions (HES): vaccination reserved for tertiary level students and faculty staff only - presentation on site of the following documents: identity card, LAMAL card and student card (or proof of student registration or faculty employment).

As of 16 years
Vaccine: Moderna

Dose # 1        
Dose # 2

Meyrin Commercial centre
Av. de Feuillasse 24, 1217 Meyrin
Vaccination (200 doses/day)

Mon-Sat : 9h-18h

6-11 September 5-9 October

Vernier Commercial centre
Route de Peney 2-4, Vernier

Vaccination (200 doses/day)

Mon-Sat : 9h-18h

13-18 September

11-16 October

University sites

Students (tertiary level) and faculty staff vaccination on 4 sites

Vaccination (600 doses/day)

Mon-Fri : 8h30-19h




20-24 September




18-22 October

    - Uni-Mail (Plainpalais)

    - Uni-Bastions (Plainpalais)

    - Sciences III (Jonction)

    - Uni-Battelle (Pinchat/Carouge)

Mon 20 - Tue 21 Sept.
Wed 22 Sept.

Thu 23 Sept.

Fri 24 Sept.

Mon 18 - Tue 19 Oct.
Wed 20 Oct.

Thu 21 Oct.

Fri 22 Oct.

Hautes écoles (HES)

Students (tertiary level) and faculty staff vaccination on 4 sites

Vaccination (600 doses/day)

Mon-Fri : 9h-19h




27 Sept. -1st Oct.




25-29 October

    - Haute école de travail social (HETS), Carouge

    - Haute école de santé (HEdS), Champel

    - Haute école de musique (HEM), au STUDIO 49 (Bd du Pont d'Arve 49)

    - Haute école du paysage, de l’ingénierie et d’architecture (HEPIA), Servette

    - Uni-Battelle, Pinchat/Carouge

Mon 27 Sept

Tue 28 Sept.
Wed 29 Sept.

Thu 30 Sept.

Fri 1st Oct.

Mon 25 Oct.

Tue 26 Oct.
Wed 27 Oct.

Thu 28 Oct.

Fri 29 Oct.


Vaccination centres in Geneva: opening hours and location

Making a vaccination appointment via the registration platform


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