5. Vaccination centres against COVID-19

Please note that the confirmation SMS you receive for your vaccination appointment always comes from a number with a Swiss dialling code.

Due to fraudulent attempts, we ask you to check this dialling code carefully. This mobile number is only used to generate appointment confirmations, so you should never reply to this sms message by calling the number or returning an sms.

In case of doubt, or in case of attempted fraud, please contact immediately the COVID-19 general information line 0800 909 400  (free of charge 7/7 8am-7pm).


The vaccination centres referenced on the SITG map system are currently operational in Geneva.

For optimal access to the SITG map, it is recommended to use a recent browser. 



Chemin De-Normandie 14
1206 Genève

Mon-Fri / 8h30-12h30 & 13h30-17h30


HUG - Centre médical universitaire 
CMU Entrance C
Avenue de Champel 9
1206 Genève

Mon-Fri / 9h-17h


Hirslanden-Clinique des Grangettes
Paediatrics building (Level-1)
Chemin des Grangettes 2
1224 Chêne-Bougeries

Mon-Fri / 9h-19h


M3 Sanitrade
Route de Chêne 18-20
1207 Genève

Mon-Sat / 9h-17h


Clinique de Carouge
Emergency access
Avenue Cardinal Mermillod 1
1227 Carouge

Mon-Fri / 9h-12h et 13h-17h


Clinique Permanence d'Onex
Emergency access
Route de Chancy 98
1213 Onex

Mon-Fri / 9h-12h & 13h-17



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