5. Vaccination centres against COVID-19

During their first appointment at the vaccination centre, registered persons will have to present their identity card and if applicable their residence permit to prove their residency status and their LAMal insurance card (or, if applicable, their legitimation card for people with expatriate status). Without these documents, it will not be possible to access the vaccination centre.

Only people who meet all the required conditions and who come to their vaccination appointment with all the required documents, will have access to the vaccination centres. If you have obtained a vaccination appointment by trying to by-pass the mandatory criteria and guidelines, your appointment will be void and your registration will be cancelled.

If you are not sure about your situation, please contact the COVID-19 general information line by e-mail or phone (0800 909 400 - free call 7/7 - 8am-7pm / dial 0041 800 909 400 from abroad).

The vaccination centres referenced on the SITG map system are currently operational in Geneva.
For optimal access to the SITG map, it is recommended to use a recent browser. 

Getting to the vaccination centres

Parking spaces for people with reduced mobility and drop-off spaces are provided in the direct vicinity of the vaccination centres.

Road signs also inform motorists about the paid parking facilities in the vicinity of the centres.

For more information: parking map around the vaccination centres


Right bank

Palexpo Vaccination Center
Entrance E3
Route François-Peyrot 30
1218 Grand-Saconnex

Mon-Sat / 8h-19h

Bus 5 and 59: «Palexpo» stop
Bus 10 / 56 / 57: «Aéroport» stop
Bus 23 / 29 / 50 / 66: «Palexpo-Halle» stop

Drop-off point in front of centre
Parking P12 in Palexpo (pay per use)


Hôpital de la Tour
Salle Antoine-Verchère
Route de Meyrin 297
1217 Meyrin

Mon-Sat / 9h-12h & 13h30-18h

Tram 18: «Meyrin Village» stop

Drop-off point in front of centre
Meyrin village pay-per-use parking


Centre Pharmacie Populaire
Appointment also possible by contacting pharmacies
42 rue Antoine-Carteret
1202 Genève

Mon-Fri / 8h30-18h30

Tram 14 and 18: «Poterie» stop
Bus 3: «Poterie» stop
Bus 8: «Canonnière» stop

1 drop-off parking place in front of centre
Blue parking places close by



Left bank


Chemin De-Normandie 14
1206 Genève

Mon-Fri / 8h30-12h30 & 13h30-17h30

Bus 21: «Clinique Générale» stop
Bus 3:  «Crêts-de-Champel» (Terminus) stop
Bus 8:  «Louis Aubert» stop on Florissant road

Drop-off point in front of centre
Covered pay-per-use parking available


HUG - Centre médical universitaire 
CMU Entrance C
Avenue de Champel 9
1206 Genève

Mon-Fri / 9h-17h

Bus 1: «Hôpital» or «Roseraie» stops
Bus 3 and 5: «Place Claparède» stop
CEVA: «Champel» stop

Drop-off point close to centre
Underground pay-per-use parking («Lombard»)


Hirslanden-Clinique des Grangettes
Paediatrics building (Level-1)
Chemin des Grangettes 2
1224 Chêne-Bougeries

Mon-Fri / 9h-19h

Tram 12: «Grangettes» stop
Tram 17: «Grangettes» stop

Drop-off point close to centre
Pay-per-use parking in the vicinity


M3 Sanitrade
Route de Chêne 18-20
1207 Genève

Mon-Sat / 8h-18h

Tram 12: «Gare des Eaux-Vives» or «Amandolier» stop
Tram 17: «Gare des Eaux-Vives» or «Amandolier» stop
Bus 21: «Amandolier» stop
CEVA: «Gare des Eaux-Vives» stop

Drop-off point close to centre
Eaux-Vives station parking (free 2 hours) 


Clinique de Carouge
Emergency access
Avenue Cardinal Mermillod 1
1227 Carouge

Mon-Fri / 9h-12h et 13h-17h

Tram 12: «Armes» stop
Tram 18: «Armes» stop
Bus 11: «Armes» stop
Bus 21: «Armes» stop

Drop-off point in front of centre
Underground «Octroi» pay-per-use parking 


Clinique Permanence d'Onex
Emergency access
Route de Chancy 98
1213 Onex

Mon-Fri / 9h-12h & 13h-17

Bus J: «Bandol» stop
Bus K: «Bandol» stop
Bus 14: «Bandol» stop
Bus 21: «Duret» stop

Drop-off point in front of centre
Pay-per-use parking of Onex swimming pool



Cologny Centre
Hirslanden-Grangettes partnership
Cologny municipal hall
Chemin de la Mairie 17
1223 Cologny

Mon-Fri / 8h15-12h20 & 13h45-16h55


Bus A: «Cologny Mairie» stop

Drop-off point in front of centre
Parking de la Forge (2 hours free)


Pharmacie Bleue*
Appointment made in pharmacy
T. 022 772 01 21
Route de Thonon 60,
1222 Vésenaz

Half days schedules: Contact pharmacy for details


Bus E and G: «Vésenaz» stop

Drop-off point in front of centre
Public parking under Migros & Parking des Rayes (pay per use) 


Pharmacie du Mandement*
Appointment made in pharmacy
T. 079 479 63 22
Route d'Aire-la-Ville 229,
1242 Satigny

Mon-Fri / 8h-19
Sat 9h-19h 


RER and S Bus S from Cornavin station 
Bus 73 from Meyrin

Public parking under the commercial centre hosting pharmacy (1 hour free)



Centre Médical Opale*

Online appointment booking
Tel. 022 869 00 70
Chemin de la Gravière 3
1225 Chêne-Bourg

Half days schedules : (check online appointment website)


Léman Express: «Chêne-Bourg» stop
Tram 12 et 17:  «Peillonnex» stop
Bus 32, 37: «Chêne-Bourg» stop.

Public parking in the building (pay per use) 










* Several pilot projects are currently being conducted in Geneva  : the Opale medical centre in Chêne-Bourg, the Pharmacie Populaire vaccination centre (Les Grottes), the Pharmacie Bleue in Vésenaz and the Pharmacie du Mandement in Satigny.

Although they are accessible to anyone who is entitled to be vaccinated in the canton of Geneva, and depending on availability, these projects are intended primarily for vulnerable people aged 65+ for whom computer tools, language, hearing (difficulty to use a telephone) or mobility represent barriers to obtaining a vaccination appointment in one of the vaccination centres via the online registration platform  

People wishing to be vaccinated via this system can directly contact one of the listed pharmacies to obtain a vaccination appointment.



Do you have a question regarding your registration?

You may submit your questions by email or by calling the COVID-19 general information line (0800 909 400) - free call 7/7 8am-7pm.

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