8. COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Geneva

The organisation of the vaccination campaign is likely to evolve according to the number of vaccines and the number of people registered. As a result, at present, vaccination appointments are only granted to people aged 75+, adults with high vulnerability criteria (with one or more chronic illnesses at high risk of complication) and health workers in nursing homes or hospitals who are in contact with people at high risk.

December 23rd 2020 Delivery of the first consignment of Pfizer* vaccines and beginning of the vaccination of people aged 75 years+ in a residential home for the elderly (IEPA) (as of December 28th)
As of January 4th 2021 Delivery of the second consignment of Pfizer vaccines and beginning of the vaccination of people aged 75 years+ in social medical institutions (EMS), in certain units of the HUG and in three vaccination centres (M3 Sanitrade, Clinique et permanence d'Onex, Clinique de Carouge
As of January 4th 2021 Delivery of the first consignment of Moderna* vaccines
As of 18th January 2021 Delivery of the third consignment of Pfizer vaccines.
People aged 75+ and highly vulnerable adults, regardless of their age, have priority for vaccination registration
As of 20th January 2021 Opening of the vaccination centre at the Geneva University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG)
As of 25th January 2021 Opening of two new vaccination centres: Clinique Générale Beaulieu and Clinique des Grangettes
As of 23rd February 2021 Following the delivery of 5,000 doses of vaccine, the vaccination programme is opened to adults with high vulnerability criteria (who have requested and received a certificate from their general practitioner proving that they have priority access for vaccination against COVID-19) and to health workers in contact with high-risk people. 

Opening of other vaccination centres.

Progressive extension of the vaccination programme to other population groups - according to the vaccine consignments received and to registrations - and then to the entire population.


*Vaccines against COVID-19

In Switzerland, the vaccines currently used in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign are manufactured by the companies Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna.

More information (in French) on the vaccines available in Switzerland : www.infovac.ch  and FOSP website.

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