Getting vaccinated against COVID-19

1. Overview

The SARS-CoV-2 virus continues to circulate and the vaccine continues to protect against severe forms of COVID-19, especially for vulnerable persons. In such cases, COVID-19 may cause complications and require extended hospitalisation, sometimes in intensive care. 

Information regarding vaccination and pregnancy


For whom

Booster vaccination is possible for anyone aged 16 and over. It is possible but no longer recommended for healthy individuals aged 12-15 years.

Booster vaccination is recommended as a priority for

  • people aged 65 or over,
  • pregnant women
  • people aged 16 to 64 who are at high individual risk due to health problems (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart or lung disease, cancer, disease or immunosuppressive treatment)
  • health professionals and anyone in professional or private contact with vulnerable people.

Vaccination is not indicated during a COVID-19 infection: it is necessary to wait at least 4 weeks after the infection to be vaccinated.

People with seasonal, food or drug allergies can get vaccinated without contraindication. 

Where to get vaccinated

  • either in one of the vaccination centres
    • Primary vaccination (people not yet vaccinated) and booster vaccination;
    • Children, adults and immunosuppressed people 
    • mRNA vaccines (Moderna Spikevax® and Pfizer Comirnaty®) and non-mRNA vaccines (protein-based booster)
  • or in a pharmacy or a doctors' surgery
    • Booster vaccination only 
    • Moderna bivalent vaccine only
  • vaccination at home
    • People who have difficulty walking and getting around can be vaccinated by the mobile vaccination team of the Geneva home care institution (imad). All you have to do is ask your doctor.
    • For people living in a residential building for the elderly (IEPA), vaccination takes place on site.


Vaccination will continue to be free for Swiss residents and cross-border commuters working in Switzerland.

As of 1st January 2023, a fee will be charged for tourists and Swiss people living abroad who wish to be vaccinated in Geneva.  This fee-based vaccination can only be carried out at the HUG vaccination centre. Payment is done by card or in cash.



General information on vaccination

INFOVAC - The information platform on vaccinations in Switzerland (in French, German or Italian)

COVID-19 : Figures and vaccination campaign in Geneva


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