5. COVID Certificate

The COVID-19 certificate is no longer used in Switzerland. You do not need a COVID certificate in Switzerland, neither to enter the country nor to travel therein.

Switzerland continues to issue COVID certificates for people travelling to countries that still require a COVID certificate. A certificate may be required to enter their territory or to access certain sites. These certificates are valid in Europe and in several countries outside the European Union.

If you are planning to travel, it is your responsibility to find out what the rules are in your destination country.

It is recommended that you keep your COVID certificate in the "COVID Certificate" mobile application, and also to keep a copy in PDF format or even in paper format, to avoid any loss.

Applying for a certificate

There are three types of COVID certificates: 

  • Certificate for vaccinated persons
  • Certificate for persons having recoved from a COVID illness
  • Certificate of negative tested persons

The procedure for obtaining a COVID certificate varies according to the case (vaccination, cured and documented COVID-19 infection, negative PCR test, negative rapid antigen test).

In all cases, the COVID certificate is issued free of charge in the canton of Geneva.


Schéma de délivrance de certificat COVID dans le canton de Genève
Schéma de délivrance de certificat COVID dans le canton de Genève

Entities responsible for issuing COVID certificates in the canton of Geneva

Vaccination sites (centres/clinics, pharmacies, doctors' practices, etc.) 

  • for COVID vaccination certificates.

Testing sites (centres/clinics, pharmacies, doctors' practices, etc.) 

  • for COVID recovery certificates following a rapid antigen test, 
  • for COVID negative test certificates following a rapid antigen test.

Medical analysis laboratories 

  • for COVID recovery certificates following a PCR test, 
  • for COVID  negative test certificates following a PCR test.

You have misplaced your COVID certificate

If you have lost your COVID certificate or if you have not received it, you should contact the entity responsible for issuing your certificate (testing centre, doctor's surgery, pharmacy, etc.) directly to obtain the document. 

If your vaccination took place in Switzerland, your COVID vaccination certificate should have been sent to you by email. 

Type "Certivac" in the search bar of your email box. The email should contain a download link, which is still active. Click on the link and follow the procedure. 


Exceptional circumstances

You can apply online if:

  • you were vaccinated and/or had a documented recovery from the illness abroad
  • you lost your certificate or if data needs to be corrected
  • the entity which issued your certificate no longer exists (e.g. a vaccination centre that has closed)


Last updated
2 February 2023

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