COVID-19 - Travelling and quarantine

2. Reporting a return from a high-risk area

Annoncer un retour d'une zone à risque

Upon their return and using this electronic form, all travellers must inform within 2 days the cantonal doctor's office that they have been travelling in a high-risk area.



I'm coming back from a high-risk area. What must I do?

  1. Go home immediately and stay there for 10 days, following the quarantine instructions.
  2. Declare your arrival within two days to the cantonal doctor's office using this electronic form.
  3. Follow the recommendations and explanations that will be given to you the day after you will have submitted the electronic form. An official quarantine decision will be sent to you.


I'm returning from a high-risk area and my child has to go back to school, what should I do?

The return quarantine also applies to children. Your child will be forced to miss school until the end of his/her quarantine. A negative test does not allow your child to return to school early and is therefore unnecessary.




Declaration of return from a country at risk

How long do I have to declare my return?

48 hours. However, your quarantine begins as soon as you enter Swiss territory.


What do I risk if I don't declare myself?

Quarantine compliance will be monitored. In case of doubt on behalf of the cantonal doctor's office, or if a case is reported, the police will be summoned to carry out a check. Fines of up to CHF 10,000.- may be issued.



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