COVID-19 - Restrictions, closures and other measures

5. Sports and dance

Fitness and wellness establishments such as spas, saunas, fitness centres, yoga, cross-fit and other similar establishments) are closed for the public.

Exceptions: indoor and outdoor areas of sports, fitness and wellness facilities and establishments for the activities of children, teenagers and young adults up to the age of 20; outdoor areas of sports, fitness and wellness facilities and establishments for groups of up to 15 people, as well as entrance halls, sanitary facilities and changing rooms if they are necessary for their use; sports facilities reserved for hotel guests; equestrian centres.


Are authorised:

  1. Sports and dance training for children, teenagers and Young adults born in 2001 and after, including competitions without a public.
  2.  Sports and dance training activities for people born in 2000 or before that don't involve physical contact, if practised outdoors, individually or in groups of maximum 15 people. Furthermore, people must respect interpersonal distance and wear a mask. Competitions are prohibited.
  3.  Sports activities (training, courses and competitions) for: 

a) Elite sportsmen and women holding a Swiss Olympic national or regional performance passport (Swiss Olympic Card) or who are part of a national structure of a national sports federation training on a personalised basis, in groups of a maximum of 15 people or in fixed competition teams, including students integrated in the sport-art-study scheme who meet these conditions;

b) Training activities and matches for teams belonging to a professional or semi-professional league or a national youth league; if the matches take place at professional or semi-professional level in a league of only one of the two sexes, training activities and matches are also permitted in the corresponding league of the other sex.

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