COVID-19 - Restrictions, closures and other measures

3. Meetings, gatherings and events

The following are prohibited :

  • gatherings of more than 5 people in public spaces, particularly in public areas, on promenades, on the banks of lakes and rivers and in parks (when gathering together five people at most, they must be at least one and a half metres from each other, except for people in the same household)
  • As of 12 December 2020 : events, public and private, including within the family circle, both indoors and outdoors, with more than 5 participants (except for households with more than 5 members).
    Exception: events in the family circle or with friends can bring together up to 5 people (except for households with more than 5 people). Between 22nd  December 2020 and 3rd January 2021, up to 10 people (including children) may attend.

The following are authorised :

Religious services and other religious events open to the public may be resumed within the maximum limits of 5 participants for weddings and baptisms and 50 participants for funerals and other religious celebrations (including children but excluding persons associated to the religious service). Strict sanitary measures will have to be respected and certain ceremonial practices will have to be adapted. Singing in particular is prohibited.

The following are allowed:

  • events in the family or friends' circle for up to 5 people (up to 10 people, including children, between 22 December 2020 and 3 January 2021)
  • religious wedding and baptism ceremonies for up to 5 participants, in addition to those attached to the religious servicereligious wedding ceremonies with up to 5 participants, in addition to the persons attached to the religious service
  • funerals open to the public for up to 50 participants in addition to those connected with the religious service or the funeral service
  • other religious celebrations with up to 50 participants, in addition to those associated with the religious service
  • corporate assemblies that cannot be postponed or held at a distance, up to 50 participants
  • meetings of the Grand Council and its committees as well as meetings of the municipal councils and their committees
  • meetings and assemblies of political parties, associations and groups to determine a position in the event of a vote or to present a list of candidates for an election, with up to 50 participants
  • employer and employee trade unions and staff meetings, up to 50 participants
  • free distribution of basic necessity goods to the population within the framework of social action
  • political or civil society demonstrations, collections of signatures
  • meetings of institutional beneficiaries as referred to in Art. 2 para. 1 of the Loi du 22 juin 2007 sur l'Etat hôte that are urgent and absolutely necessary, that cannot be organised at a distance, arising from a specific political mandate in connection with peace processes or good offices
  • as of 12.12.2020: the procedures of the judicial and conciliation authorities
  • as of 12.12.2020: training activities
  • as of 12.12.2020: sporting or cultural events without an audience
  • in exceptional cases, an exemption may be granted by the Cantonal doctor's service, in particular if it is absolutely impossible to postpone the event and if it is not possible to hold a meeting in person, and provided that the event is deemed to be of overriding interest
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