COVID-19 - Restrictions, closures and other measures

2. Establishments, shops, services and activities

Discotheques and nightclubs
Discotheques and dance halls may open their doors to holders of a valid COVID-19 certificate and masks are not required. They are still obliged to draw up and implement a protection plan which includes hygiene measures and the application of admission restrictions.
Bars and restaurants
Facilities and establishments offering food and beverages for consumption are open under the following main conditions:

  • Outside, customers may eat and drink standing up and move around without masks; contact details need not be collected and there is no limit to the number of people per table, but groups of customers must be separated from each other at a distance of 1.5m or by effective partitions;  
  • Indoors, customers may only consume while seated, they must wear a face mask when they are not seated at their table; management is required to collect details of one customer per table, the distance between groups must be  of 1.5m or effective partitions must be set up;
  • If - for persons over 16 - access is limited to those holding a COVID certificate, none of the above restrictions apply.
Company canteens may only serve employees, who must eat while seated, with a minimum distance of 1.5m between each person.

Shops, markets and service businesses 
All shops, service businesses and markets may be open without capacity restrictions. In indoor areas, masks must still be worn. Operators are still obliged to draw up and implement a protection plan which includes hygiene and distance measures.


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