COVID-19 - Restrictions, closures and other measures

6. Cultural activities and entertainment

Culture (music, theatre, artistic dance)

The following are authorised: 

  1. Cultural activities for children and young people born in 2001 or later, with the exception of indoor choral performances in front of an audience.
  2. Cultural activities of professional artists, with the exception of indoor choral performances in front of an audience.
  3. Cultural activities of amateurs born in 2000 or earlier, individually or in groups of 50 people, with the exception of choral activities in front of an audience 
  • Outdoors: masks must be worn or interpersonal distancing is required, otherwise contact details  must be collected 
  • Indoors: masks must be worn and interpersonal distancing is required. Masks may be waived if contact details are collected from participants and if each person has an area of at least 25m2 or effective partitions are installed. The surface is 10m2 for activities that do not involve singing, significant physical effort or changing places. Masks and interpersonal distancing may be dispensed with when physical contact is unavoidable for fixed groups of 4 people who always train together and do not mix with other groups and if each person has 50 m2

In the field of entertainment, the activities of socio-cultural organisations and institutions dealing with children and young people are authorised if they meet the following conditions:

  • They consist of activities involving children and teenagers born in 2001 or after;
  • A professional supervises the activities of the children and teenagers;
  • The protection plan mentions:
    1. The authorised activities; 
    2. The maximum authorised number of children and teenagers.
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