COVID-19 - How to protect yourself and others

2. Keeping up good hygiene habits

Since the lifting of protective measures (1 April 2022), a slow but steady decline in new COVID-19 infections has been observed. However, since the beginning of June, the increase in viral circulation has been confirmed: the Omicron variant, which is the predominant one in the world, continues to spread; its two sub-variants BA.4 and BA.5, which are more transmissible than BA.2 but not, in principle, more virulent, are now in a predominant position in Geneva and are responsible for the current rebound.

We remind you that primary vaccination and the first booster dose are always recommended to the whole population. They protect against severe forms of the disease and against hospitalisation.

To protect ourselves and others, let's keep up the good habits!

Hand hygiene

It is important to keep up the habit of regularly washing your hands with soap and water, or with a hydro-alcoholic solution if you are outside. With or without Covid-19, hand washing remains essential to protect yourself from viruses (Covid-19, flu, stomach flu, etc.). 

How to wash our hands - FOPH

Airing indoors spaces

Frequent airing of indoor spaces is simple and easy. Remember to open the windows every hour. Regular ventilation will reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19. One of the reasons why flu is so common in winter is that we tend to keep ourselves indoors as it is warmer.

Wearing a mask ?

It is recommended to wear a mask in the following situations :

  • in case of symptoms
  • if you test positive for Covid-19

A person may also wear a mask because they are vulnerable or because they feel it is personally necessary.

Limiting contacts ?

If you have symptoms or in case of a positive Covid-19 test :

  • Limit contacts with other people (e.g. going out with friends)
  • Avoid places with lots of people
  • Do not visit a vulnerable person (at least for 5-7 days after you have tested positive or the first symptoms appear).

Other good hygiene practices 

  • Cough and sneeze into a paper tissue. After use, throw the paper tissue in a trashcan and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or an alcohol-based solution.
  • Cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow if you don't have a paper tissue.
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1 July 2022

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