COVID-19 - How to protect yourself and others

2. Keeping up good hygiene habits

We have entered a new phase of the pandemic. This transition has been made thanks to the successful vaccination and immunisation of a part of the population due to Covid infections, and because the current Omicron variant is more infectious, but less dangerous.

In this new phase, all mandatory sanitary measures against Covid-19 have been lifted in Switzerland by the Federal Council since April 1, 2022, and it is now up to everyone to learn to live differently with Covid-19.

Let's keep up the good habits!

Hand hygiene

It is important to keep up the habit of regularly washing your hands with soap and water, or with a hydro-alcoholic solution if you are outside. With or without Covid-19, hand washing remains essential to protect yourself from viruses (Covid-19, flu, stomach flu, etc.). 

How to wash our hands - FOPH

Airing indoors spaces

Frequent airing of indoor spaces is simple and easy. Remember to open the windows every hour. Regular ventilation will reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19. One of the reasons why flu is so common in winter is that we tend to keep ourselves indoors as it is warmer.

Wearing a mask ?

It is recommended to wear a mask in the following situations :

  • in case of symptoms
  • if you test positive for Covid-19

A person may also wear a mask because they are vulnerable or because they feel it is personally necessary.

Important: The canton of Geneva maintains the obligation to wear a mask in certain places and situations in order to protect vulnerable persons against Covid-19 contamination.
Where the mask must still be worn ?

Limiting contacts ?

If you have symptoms or in case of a positive Covid-19 test :

  • Limit contacts with other people (e.g. going out with friends)
  • Avoid places with lots of people
  • Do not visit a vulnerable person (at least for 5-7 days after you have tested positive or the first symptoms appear).

Other good hygiene practices 

  • Cough and sneeze into a paper tissue.
  • After use, throw the paper tissue in a trashcan and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or an alcohol-based solution.
  • Cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow if you don't have a paper tissue.
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13 April 2022

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