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6. COVID Certificates e-démarches application form

You can only complete this form if you are in one of the following situations:

  • You have been ill with COVID (positive test or serology) and you have received a dose of vaccine
  • You have been ill with COVID (rapid antigen test performed in Switzerland by a professional since 1st October 2021) and you are a resident of the canton of Geneva
  • You have been ill with COVID and your positive PCR test was done abroad
  • You were vaccinated against COVID abroad
  • You have received your Swiss COVID certificate but your personal details are incorrect and must be corrected.

For optimal use of the application, it is advisable to choose an up-to-date browser.

For all other situations, please refer to points 3 to 5 of the COVID-19 Certificate section: 

If you do not have the necessary digital tools (mobile phone, computer, internet access), you should contact the COVID-19 Green Line (0800 909 400) to obtain your COVID certificate.


The COVID certificate is personal. When checked, one must prove one's identity with an official identification document with a photo (e.g. an identity card). The information on the certificate - surname(s), first name(s), date of birth - should be identical to the information on the identity document.

Upon receipt of your certificate, please check that the data matches. If such is not the case, a new certificate may be requested.  To obtain a new corrected certificate, you may contact the COVID-19 Green Line (0800 909 400).


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3 May 2022

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