COVID-19 certificate

3. COVID certificate for vaccinated persons

The validity of the COVID-19 vaccination certificate is of 9 months. This concerns certificates obtained:

  • After the booster dose.
  • After the last dose of a full 2-dose mRNA vaccination schedule or 1 recovery + 1 dose or as early as day 22 after a single dose of the Janssen® vaccine.

Obtaining a COVID certificate after vaccination

Issuance of the COVID certificate depends on the location of the vaccination and the type of vaccine. In all cases, the COVID certificate is free of charge.

In the context of COVID-19 vaccination and COVID certificates, the canton does not use Twitter or WhatsApp accounts.

1) Booster vaccination certificate

Booster vaccination certificate

When you receive a booster vaccination in the canton of Geneva, the vaccination centre will issue a paper COVID certificate containing a QR code. By scanning this code, you can save your certificate on your mobile phone.

Since the introduction of the booster dose, it is now possible to have: 

  1. Two vaccination certificates
    Both are valid and it is not necessary to present both in case of control. One certificate is sufficient to prove that one is not contagious to SARS-COV-2.
    As the certificates have different validity periods, when the first certificate received at the time of the primary vaccination (2 doses or 1 recovery + 1 dose or 1 dose of Janssen vaccine) expires, the certificate of vaccination of the booster dose will take over.
  2. A recovery certificate and a vaccination certificate
    With the booster vaccination, it isn't possible to combine  vaccination and recovery in one certificate. A cured infection cannot be counted as an additional dose of vaccine, but it may entitle you to a separate certificate. Vaccination and recovery are therefore recorded in two separate documents.

Certificates associated with booster vaccination for persons who have been ill with COVID-19

Since 1st February 2022, the FOPH adopted a new encoding system for a series of certificates in order to comply with the European Union's requirements. This concerns persons who received a dose of vaccine and then got infected (or vice versa), and then received a booster dose. Currently, in this case, in order to reflect the booster dose, the certificate is encoded 2/1 (2 doses received in total and 1 dose for the primary vaccination) instead of 2/2 (same as the certificate of primary vaccination with 2 doses).


People who are in this situation and whose certificate is encoded 2/2 have received their corrected certificate (2/1) directly by post, sent by the FOPH. If this isn't the case, they may contact the COVID-19 Green Line (0800 909 400).



2) Primary vaccination (2 doses or 1 cure + 1 dose)

Vaccination after 21st June 2021 

Download and consult the chart (in French only) Délivrance de certificat COVID

Fill in the online application federal form or contact the COVID-19 Green Line (0800 909 400). 


Useful tips to obtain a COVID certificate through digital access

  • To obtain COVID certificate through digital access and to fill in the COVID Certificates e-démarches application form |, one needs a mobile phone, a computer and access to internet. Without these digital tools, one may contact the COVID-19 General information line (0800 909 400). 
  • The digitally issued COVID certificate can either be stored on one's phone using the COVID Certificate application, downloaded and saved to one's phone or computer (PDF format), or printed out in paper format. You can also take a screenshot on your mobile phone.
  • The "COVID Certificate" application (blue) can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It allows you to store one or more certificates, e.g. those of your relatives (not to be confused with the "COVID Certificate Check" application (green), which is used to control the validity of COVID certificates.
  • For faster processing of applications, people who have received two or three doses of vaccine can contact the COVID-19 Green Line directly (0800 909 400).

Persons residing in Switzerland and vaccinated abroad: obtaining a COVID certificate or having one's foreign certificate recognized in Switzerland

Full information in the leaflet FAQ - Adminstrative procedures to obtain a COVID certificate.

Persons who have been fully vaccinated in one of the Schengen countries and have a vaccination certificate with a QR code do not need to apply for a Swiss COVID certificate. The QR code of their vaccination certificate is equivalent to that of a certificate delivered in Switzerland.

Persons vaccinated outside the Schengen zone who have Swiss citizenship or a residence permit in Switzerland can apply for a Swiss COVID certificate if they have been vaccinated with a vaccine authorised by Swissmedic, by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or by the WHO.

Download and consult the chart (in French only) Délivrance de certificat COVID​​​​​​​

A request may be made by filling in the COVID Certificates e-démarches application form |

For more information: 
European Medicines Agency 
WHO table of recognised vaccines

Persons vaccinated with a vaccine that has not been authorised by Swissmedic, the EMA or the WHO are not entitled to a COVID-19 certificate. 

Persons vaccinated abroad and who do not have Swiss citizenship or a residence permit in Switzerland are not entitled to a COVID certificate issued by Switzerland.

Does a first vaccine dose entitle me to a COVID certificate?

Only complete vaccination (2 doses of mRNA vaccine or 1 cure + 1 dose of mRNA vaccine) entitles you to a COVID certificate. Therefore, if you have had COVID-19 and are cured (positive PCR test) and you get vaccinated, you will get a COVID certificate.

If not, you will need 2 doses of vaccine in order to get the COVID vaccination certificate. In the meantime, you will need to continue to be tested to obtain a certificate. During this time, you can be tested free of charge.

The Swiss Confederation will pay the costs of your tests to get a COVID certificate: 

  • if you have already received a first dose of an mRNA vaccine recognised in Switzerland and are waiting for the second injection. During this time, but at the latest six weeks after the first injection, the costs of obtaining your  COVID certificate are covered.
  • if you have been vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine and have to wait 22 days to obtain the COVID certificate. 


How to register a COVID certificate on a smartphone or computer?

It is strongly recommended to save your certificate and store it on your mobile phone via the Covid Certificate APP. You can also save the pdf file on your computer or make a paper printout of your certificate.

For vaccinated persons who receive their certificate digitally, after having requested it by filling in the COVID Certificates e-démarches application form | , it is necessary to provide an email adress and a mobile phone number.

Indeed, once the application for a COVID certificate has been validated, a download link is sent by email. After clicking on this link, the person receives a code by SMS that allows him or her to download the certificate onto his or her computer.

How to download the COVID certificate application in order to register my certificate on my mobile phone?

Certificats COVID APP
Certificats COVID APP


There are two applications available:

  1. The "COVID Certificate" (blue) application allows people to store their COVID certificate (and those of their relatives) on their mobile phone.
  2. The "COVID Certificate Check" (green) application is used to check the authenticity and validity of a COVID certificate. It scans the QR code on the paper certificate or on a mobile phone.

Both APPs are available for free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


I received a link by email after having registered for a COVID certificate. What must I do with it?

In certain contexts, this link is necessary to obtain your COVID certificate.

You must click on this link. Within a few minutes you should receive an SMS with a code. By entering this code in the field provided on your computer, you can then download your COVID certificate.  

If you did not receive an SMS after clicking on the link, try clicking on the link again after about ten minutes. If this still does not work, you should receive instructions on your screen. You can also contact the COVID-19 Green Line on 0800 909 400.


I don't have a mobile phone or an email address. A family member signed me up for vaccination. How must I obtain my COVID certificate?

You should inform your relative that he/she will receive an email or an SMS containing a code which is necessary to download your COVID certificate.

  • If your relative has only provided his/her email address and your mobile phone number was given at the time of application, you should ask your relative to contact you when he/she has received the link to download the COVID certificate by email. Once your relative has clicked on the link, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone, which your relative will need to enter on his/her computer, before he/she can download the certificate and send it to you.
  • If your relative has only provided his/her mobile phone number, and your email address has been provided, you should contact him/her as soon as you receive the email containing the download link. Your relative will receive the code that you will have to enter into your computer within minutes of clicking on the link in the email.
  • Finally, if your relative has provided his/her telephone number and email address, he/she can download the certificate on his/her own.

I signed up a number of close relatives or friends for vaccination using my mobile phone. What must I do with all the emails and SMS that I receive?

It is recommended that you complete the download process for each certificate from start to finish, before moving on to the next. A new download link in an email should not be clicked until the previous certificate has been downloaded, so that the codes received by SMS do not get mixed up. 


My mobile phone isn't a smartphone and it doesn't have an interactive screen. Will I still be able to receive my COVID certificate?

Yes, you will only receive a code by SMS, which can be entered on a computer. No other operation from your mobile phone will be necessary.  


Can I store my spouse's COVID certificate on my mobile phone?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to download several certificates, for example, the certificates of a spouse or children, and to keep them at hand on a single cell phone. The "COVID Certificate" application (lue) which allows this operation is available free of charge on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Can I receive a COVID certificate if the mimimum time interval between my two vaccines wasn't met?

Having received 2 doses of vaccine within 21 days or less for Pfizer and 28 days or less for Moderna is too short a time period to develop a sufficient immune response and is therefore considered to be a single dose.

If this is your case, you will need to receive a third dose of vaccine within the recommended timeframe to access the certificate. Please contact the COVID-19 Green Line on 0800 909 400 for more information or submit a request for a third vaccination by email.


I didn't mention a mobile phone number when I registered for vaccination. Can I still receive a COVID Certificate?

Yes, if you have access to a mobile phone, you may fill in online the COVID Certificates e-démarches application form |

Please note that a mobile phone is required to use the online COVID Certificate e-démarches form. 
Person who does not have access to digital tools (mobile phone, computer and internet tools) and who does not have a close relative with a mobile phone who could help him/her with the process, can contact the COVID-19 Green Line (0800 909 400). 


There is a mistake in my name on my certificate. What can be done about this?

When his/her certificate is being checked, the holder may be asked to prove his/her identity by means of an official photo ID (e.g. an ID card). 

The information - surname(s), first name(s), date of birth - on the certificate must be identical to that on the identity document.

It is important to check that the data matches when you receive your certificate and to report any necessary corrections to the authority issuing your certificate. 

If you are unable to obtain a new corrected certificate, you may apply online by filling in the COVID Certificates e-démarches application form | , or you may contact the COVID-19 Green Line directly (0800 909 400).


The validity of my certificate indicates "expired" despite the fact I was vaccinated less than 9 months ago. What should I do?

If your certificate indicates "expired", this may be due to the fact that you don't have the latest version of the COVID Cert application and you need to update the application in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store accessible on your mobile phone screen


Recommendation upon receipt of COVID certificate

The COVID certificate is personal. When checked, one must prove one's identity with an official identification document with a photo (e.g. an identity card). The information on the certificate - surname(s), first name(s), date of birth - should be identical to the information on the identity document.

Upon receipt of your certificate, please check that the data matches. If such is not the case, a new certificate may be requested.  To obtain a new corrected certificate, you may contact the COVID-19 Green Line (0800 909 400). 


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