COVID-19 certificate

3. COVID certificate for vaccinated persons


COVID certificates, which replace the current vaccination certificates, will be issued to vaccinated persons according to two schemes :

1) Persons fully vaccinated before 21st June

This concerns people who have already been fully vaccinated between 28th December and 20th June inclusive (either a single dose following a COVID documented by a PCR or antigenic test*; or two vaccine doses).

This also applies to all persons whose vaccination appointment takes place between now and June 20 inclusive. They will be able to obtain their COVID certificate via a series of 4 SMS** sent by the cantonal health authorities, the sequence of which is presented hereafter.


*  Persons who have had only one dose of vaccine as a result of an infection previously confirmed by serology will be able to apply for a certificate online in the near future. The link to the form will be posted on this page as soon as it is made available.
** For people who do not have a mobile phone or access to digital tools, for those who did not fill in a mobile phone number or did not fill it in correctly when they registered for the vaccination, or for those who have cancelled their mobile phone subscription or changed their mobile phone number, an alternative solution is being developed. We kindly ask them to check the website regularly about this matter.

People who did not provide a mobile phone number for their vaccination or who do not have access to internet may also choose to be assisted by a relative or a friend with a mobile phone and internet access and who would be willing to process their application for them. 


  • First SMS
    On 8th June
    , all fully vaccinated people who provided a mobile phone number* when registering or being vaccinated* received a first SMS from the Geneva Health Directorate (Direction générale de la santé - Etat de Genève) providing a weblink for general information on the COVID certificate.
If you are fully vaccinated and you did not receive an SMS from the Direction générale de la santé on Tuesday 8th June, this might be due to an error in your mobile phone number transcription.
We thank you for consulting this website regularly.  A contact solution for the revision and updating of your data and for receiving the certificate via the website is currently being developed.


  • Second SMS
    From the 8th June onwards until the 22th June,
     all people, who provided a mobile phone number while registering (or registering other persons or family members***) or when they were vaccinated, will receive a second SMS with an internet link to an online application form for a COVID certificate. This text message will be sent by a transmitter managed by the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) with an extension of this type:
    The registration form can be filled in, using a smartphone or a simple mobile phone without an interactive screen and a computer. 
    1. For people with a smartphone, the web link to this form can be activated directly on the mobile phone (smartphone type)
    2. For people who do not have a mobile phone with an interactive screen (smartphone type), they can copy the link received by SMS into the web browser window on a computer and complete the registration form online on the computer.

There is no deadline for activating this web link. It remains valid as long as it has not been activated and the application form for a COVID certificate has not been completed and validated.

Consult the illustrated step by step guideline to fill in the COVID certificate application form.

*** For more information regarding COVID certificate applications on behalf of family members or friends, check the FAQ list. 



  • Third SMS
    After your registration form has been completed, it will generate a digit code sent by a third SMS. This might take a few minutes. This code must be carefully stored as it will be requested later to obtain the certificate. It is recommended to write down this code on paper or to do a print screen.


  • Fourth SMS
    Between the 21st of June until the end of June
    , registered persons should receive a fourth SMS from the authorities who will deliver the certificate. They will be invited to provide the digit code. This ensures that the person downloading the certificate is the one who requested it when filling in the form. 

    The actual delivery of these COVID certificates by digital means should take place by the end of June.

Vaccination centres do not have access to the data and will not be able to issue vaccination certificates for people already vaccinated before 21st June. If this is your case, it is therefore unnecessary for you to contact them or to go to see them in order to ask for a COVID certificate.


2) Persons fully vaccinated as from 21st June

Only fully vaccinated persons from 21st June onwards (either a single dose with PCR documented COVID; or two vaccine doses) will receive their COVID certificate as of that date from their vaccination centre, either digitally in PDF format, or in paper format.

Vaccination centres will not issue any certificates before 21st June. It is therefore unnecessary to go to the vaccination centre to obtain one.




COVID certificates can be printed on paper or stored in a mobile phone via a smartphone application. This applies to your personal certificate or those of your family members. For this, you can download the "COVID Certificate" application, required for this storage, onto your smartphone.

This application is available, free of charge in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. (The "COVID Certificate Check" application, which is used to control certificates, is also available for download there.)



The COVID certificate is personal. When checked, the certificate holder may be asked to prove his or her identity by means of an official identification document with a photo (e.g. an identity card). The information on the certificate - surname(s), first name(s), date of birth - should be identical to the information on the identity document.

Upon receipt of your certificate, please check that the data matches. If such is not the case, a new certificate may be requested.  A solution for applying for a revised certificate is currently being developed and will be available online on this website.


Do you have any questions regarding the COVID certificate?

COVID-19 general information ligne (0800 909 400) - free call  - 7/7 - 8h-19h
(dial 0041 800 909 400 from abroad)

General questions about the certificate : FOPH coronavirus infoline (41 58 463 00 00) - 7/7 - 6h-23h
Questions about the " COVID Certificate " application : (41 58 466 07 99)


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