COVID-19 certificate

1. Overview

COVID-19 certificates will start to be issued progressively in the canton of Geneva, in several steps between 14th and 28th June within the framework of the pilot phase. All persons entitled to a COVID certificate will have access to it by the end of the month.

Before that date, the certificates will not be used in Switzerland. Likewise, up until the end of June, when the system is to be integrated with the EU system, the COVID certificates will not be recognised abroad.

By showing his/her COVID certificate, a person can demonstrate that he/she is not infectious with SARS-COV-2 - either because he/she is immune (i.e. cured for less than 6 months or fully vaccinated) or because he/she was recently tested negative (less than 72 hours for a PCR test and less than 24 hours for a rapid antigen test).

In this leaflet, you will find all the information concerning the issuing of the COVID certificate in the canton of Geneva.

You will find on this website, the following information:

Important communication

On Tuesday 8th June, the General Health Directorate (Direction générale de la santé DGS) sent out an information SMS to all people eligible for the COVID certificate due to complete vaccination.

This concerns all persons who provided a mobile phone number to the authorities and who are either:

  • persons vaccinated with 2 doses since 28th December 2020
  • persons cured of COVID vaccinated with one dose, if the following conditions are met:
    • there is a positive rapid PCR or antigenic test confirming the former infection
    • the time between the infection and the vaccine dose is at least 28 days.

If you belong to one of these categories of persons and you did not receive an SMS on Tuesday 8th June from the DGS, this might be due to an error in your mobile phone number transcription.

We thank you for consulting this website regularly.  A contact solution for the revision and updating of your data is currently being developed.

People who are eligible for the certificate because of a recent recovery from COVID-19 (less than 6 months with PCR+ test) will be contacted later. If you are recently cured, it is therefore normal that you have not been contacted.


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Do you have a question regarding the COVID certificate?

COVID-19 general information ligne (0800 909 400) - free call  - 7/7 - 8h-19h.
(dial 0041 800 909 400 from abroad)

General questions about the certificate : FOPH coronavirus infoline (41 58 463 00 00) - 7/7 - 6h-23h
Questions about the " COVID Certificate " application : (41 58 466 07 99)

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