COVID-19 certificate

1. Overview

With a COVID certificate (in paper or digital format), a person can demonstrate that he/she is not infectious with SARS-COV-2 - either because he/she is immune (i.e. cured for less than 6 months or fully vaccinated) or because he/she was recently tested negative (less than 72 hours for a PCR test and less than 48 hours for a rapid antigen test).

People who already have a "pass sanitaire" issued in the Schengen area do not need to apply for a COVID certificate. The QR code of their "pass sanitaire" is recognized in Switzerland.

In this leaflet, you will find all the information concerning the issuing of the COVID certificate in the canton of Geneva.


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Do you have a question regarding the COVID certificate?

You may consult the FAQ list or contact the COVID-19 general information ligne (0800 909 400) - free call  - 7/7 - 8h-19h.

From Switzerland: 0800 909 400
From abroad: 41 22 427 8590

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30 September 2021
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