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1. Overview

Since February 17th, 2022, measures enhancing the implementation of the COVID certificate in Switzerland to control the spread of the coronavirus will be lifted.

During its session of February 16th, 2022, the Federal Council decided to lift most of the national measures for an enhanced implementation of the COVID certificate to fight the spread of the coronavirus. This concerns in particular the 2G and 2G+ rule inside certain establishments such as cinemas, theaters and restaurants, as well as the 3G rule for outdoor events from 300 people.

While the national requirement to present a certificate in Switzerland has been lifted since 17 February 2022, Switzerland continues to issue euro-compatible COVID certificates as some countries still require a COVID certificate for entry into their territory or access to certain sites. 

All COVID certificates remain nonetheless valid in Switzerland until their expiry date. At this stage, it is recommended  to keep a copy of your certificate in PDF format and not to delete the COVID Certificate App from one's mobile phone.

The COVID certificate is a standardized, reliable, forgery-proof tool, recognized nationally and internationally. It is to be used by people who have been vaccinated, cured or recently tested negative. With a COVID certificate (in paper or digital format), a person can demonstrate that he/she is immune (i.e. cured or fully vaccinated) or he/she was recently tested negative. COVID certificates are issued free of charge.

In this leaflet, you will find all the information concerning the issuing of the COVID certificate in the canton of Geneva.

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