Bike subventions

2. Subsidies for purchasing cargo bikes

Cargo bikes: perfect for deliveries and transporting children

A cargo bike can be used in place of cars for transporting children or equipment. When buying a new cargo bike, you can gain a subsidy of up to 500 francs for a maximum of 10% of the price.

The following are eligible for the subsidy:

  • All "special" bikes for transporting children and/or equipment
  • Front or rear loading
  • All removable towing devices

The following are not eligible for the subsidy:

  • Normal bikes with added transport devices (baskets, saddlebags, seats, etc.)
  • Tow bars for children's bikes
  • Accessories (helmets, stands, lights, etc.)


The cantonal administration has the right to decide on individual cases.

Last updated
25 May 2020

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