Ecusson de la République et du canton de Genève


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Bureau de l'Amiable Compositeur


In 1995, the Geneva authorities decided to create a mediation structure that aims to resolve labour conflicts involving people benefiting from diplomatic and consular privileges and immunities.

When such a conflict occurs, either or even both parties can submit the case to the Office of the "Amiable Compositeur". The Office's services are free of charge and confidentiality is guaranteed.

The litigant parties retain the right to submit their case to the relevant court. However, if they do so, the Office of the "Amiable Compositeur" ceases to act as mediator.

The State Council of Geneva appoints the members of the Office of the "Amiable Compositeur" for each term of office. The current members of the Office are:

  • Mrs Martine Brunschwig Graf, President (National Parliament deputy until December 2011, former President of the State Council of Geneva)
  • Mme Isabel Rochat (former State Councillor of the Republic and State of Geneva)
  • M. Francis Amar (former ICRC Delegate)

Message from Martine Brunschwig Graf, President (in French)
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