Simplified language makes its debut on the new web pages of the Administrative Mediation Office (BMA)

Simplified language
Simplified language

In Switzerland, about 800'000 adults do not have the necessary skills to deal with daily life without difficulty, whether for reasons of disability, age or poor command of the French language.

The BMA wishes to set an example by making written information accessible to as many people as possible. This reflection has led us to use simple and factual language for the web pages of our website and thus avoid digital exclusion.

Public administrations are thus encouraged to carry out or continue a reflection on their written communications, as many have already done, whether it be web pages, forms, decisions, etc.

The BMA is a structure that allows for the simple handling of conflicts between citizens and a Geneva public administration. The cantonal ombudsman receives you from Monday to Friday, by appointment by phone at : +41 (0)22 327 95 79 or by e-mail at :, in its offices located at 8, rue Jean-Calvin, 1204 Geneva.

The process and the services are free of charge.



For further information, please contact :

Mr. Edouard SABOT, cantonal ombudsman - phone +41 (0)22 327 95 79,,