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employment of foreign nationals

procedures - work permits - eu / efta

Self-employed activity in Switzerland

For any national of the EU / EFTA wishing to carry on an activity under a self-employed status (B or G permit).
These applications fall under the exclusive competence of the OCPM.

Nationals of a member State of the EU-27 / EFTA

The EU-27 / EFTA national who wishes to obtain a residence permit (B permit) or cross-border permit (G permit) for a self-employed activity must lodge an application with the service des Etrangers at the OCPM.

The self-employed person is responsible for their affiliation to Social Security (in particular AVS [State pension scheme], accident insurance). Non-affiliation may constitute a case of moonlighting and be the subject of a sanction.

Admission of a Croatian citizen to exercise independent activities

Until 31 December 2018 in accordance with Protocol III, Croatian nationals entering Switzerland for the purpose of gainful independent employment shall obtain an initial EU / EFTA residence permit for a period of six months (installation period), which authorizes them to engage in self-employment. They remain subject to quotas.At the end of this six-month installation period, the self-employed person must provide proof of a lasting and effective independent activity. If appropriate, he is issued an authorization valid for five years.

Note :

One should distinguish the concept of the provision of cross-border services from that of a self-employed activity. The provision of cross-border services is the temporary exercise of an economic activity without establishment in the State where the activity is carried on.