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employment of foreign nationals

procedures - work permits - eu / efta

Self-employed activity in Switzerland

For any national of the EU / EFTA wishing to carry on an activity under a self-employed status (B or G permit).
These applications fall under the exclusive competence of the OCPM.

Nationals of a member State of the EU-27 / EFTA

The EU-27 / EFTA national who wishes to obtain a residence permit (B permit) or cross-border permit (G permit) for a self-employed activity must lodge an application with the service des Etrangers at the OCPM.

The self-employed person is responsible for their affiliation to Social Security (in particular AVS [State pension scheme], accident insurance). Non-affiliation may constitute a case of moonlighting and be the subject of a sanction.

Note :

One should distinguish the concept of the provision of cross-border services from that of a self-employed activity. The provision of cross-border services is the temporary exercise of an economic activity without establishment in the State where the activity is carried on.