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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. Political rights
  2. Organisation of polling
  3. Internet voting
  4. Online voting is so simple
  5. Frequent problems
  6. Checking the voting site certificate
  7. I have voted but I would still like to know...
  8. Data protection
  9. I would also like to know
  10. A few technical questions

4. Online voting is so simple

Which operating systems and browsers work with the online voting application?

Operating systems and browsers work with the online voting application

In all cases you must have installed the latest version of Java in order to vote online. If this is not the case, follow the instructions given when you first connect to the voting site.

How do you vote online?

1) Get your voting card ready and launch your internet browser. If you were already connected to the internet, close your browser and relaunch it.

How do you vote online?

2)Enter the URL that appears on your voting

When entering the voting site address, do not forget the "S" of httpS, which enables a secure connection to be established between your computer and the State of Geneva servers.

Choose the language in which you wish to vote. Whatever your choice, the questions relating to cantonal votes will only be displayed in French, which is the official language of the canton of Geneva.

3) Enter your voting card number and click "Continue".

How do you vote online?

4) Answer "yes" to the reminder about criminal penalties for proxy voting, which is not allowed in Switzerland. This is equivalent to signing your voting card for a postal vote or ballot box vote.

How do you vote online?

5) Complete the ballot paper.

For a referendum:
For a referendum, you only need to click in the box corresponding to your choice. You can also leave both boxes («yes» and «no») empty and vote blank. You can change your vote by clicking on the box you left free (the filled-in box is automatically emptied) or cancel you choice by clicking again in the filled-in box. (The image below is an example taken from a past ballot).

How do you vote online?

For an election
For an election, choose one of the competing lists (the «neutral» list is empty).

How do you vote online?

How do you vote online?

You can vote for a compact (unchanged) list or modify the list you hace chosen by barring or adding names of candidates from other lists with the tools provided by the interface.

6) Once you have composed you ballot paper, click « Continuer ».

7) Check the control code

How do you vote online?

The system then gives you a summary of your choices. Check that the control code that appears in the background of your answers is identical to the code shown on your voting card. The identity of these codes confirms that you are really voting on the official site of the State of Geneva.

Should the codes not be identical, end the voting procedure and contact the helpdesk as soon as possible ( or +41 (0) 840 235 235, from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm Swiss time).

8) Validate your vote by inserting your password and your date of birth and by selecting your municipality of origin in the pull-down list proposed. If you are unsure of your municipality of origin you will find it on your identity card and in your passport.

How do you vote online?

Note: our system only manages one municipality of origin per voter but you may have more than one. If one of your municipalities of origin is in the canton of Geneva it is this one that you will find in the pull-down list.

If you were not born in Geneva but now live there, it is the municipality shown on the document of origin that you presented to the Cantonal Population Office that you will find in the pull-down list.

How do you vote online?

After five unsuccessful attempts to validate your vote, you can no longer vote online.

9) Vote!

10) Empty your browser's cache in order to erase all traces from your computer.

  • For Internet Explorer, go to "Tools" "Internet options" ("General" tab) and click on "Delete files" or "Delete browsing history"
  • For Firefox, depending on the version you use, go to "Tools" "Privacy" or "Clear my tracks" or "Delete recent history" and select the cache
  • For Safari, go to "Edit" "Empty the cache..."
  • For Chrome, go to "Tools" "Delete browser data..." and select the cache
  • For Opera, go to "Tools" "Delete private data...", click on "Detailed options" and select the cache

Last updated: 16 October 2012